We Need To Talk, God

There is a billboard, outside one of our neighboring Protestant churches that says: “We need to talk – God”. Might this be the message God has for American Catholics? We seem to have forgotten that we are called to be different from the rest of Christians. Our faith is meaningless if we are the same as the rest of Christian churches. We might as well shut down the Church if we aren’t going to be different from the rest of Society.
There are those who say we’re behind the times. They claim the Church must change with the times. That is wrong. We are not called to change with the times but to change our times. We are supposed to be the light in the darkness drawing people to Christ. We are supposed to be the presence of Christ in the world today, not just like the rest of the world.
We are called to take up our cross, to sacrifice for the sake of the kingdom. We are called to surrender on a daily basis. It is supposed to be about what God wants, not what we or Modern Society wants. We are called to be like children, a people of humility.
It is definitely a challenge impossible to do this on our own. We need God’s help. But we are a sacramental people. If we are open to the sacraments God pours a torrent of graces upon us. We receive the grace to become more like Jesus, more loving, forgiving, obedient and humble. Every time we receive Communion we should become a little more like Jesus.
Jesus taught that the way to heaven was narrow. It was not along the most popular route. One doesn’t get there by following the rest of society. Do we really understand that? Do we really want that or do we prefer to be like the rest of society?
We’ve been given the gift of the Church to guide us. Its teachings and doctrines are intended to help us follow the narrow road to heaven. Do we really comprehend how vitally important this is? Why then are so many people claiming to be Catholics yet contradicting the Church’s teachings?
Many people point to Jesus mercy and claim that the Church should be more merciful and therefore more open to Modern Society. You may recall his failure to condemn the woman caught in adultery. However, His last words to her were “go and sin no more”. He never condoned her sin. He didn’t say she should continue in her sin. He said to “go and sin no more”.
Jesus always forgave those who came to Him in sincere repentance but a desire to change was important. He was harshest with the Pharisees precisely because they failed to see their need to change. Everyone else was supposed to change.
We need to remember both Jesus’ call for mercy and for repentance. All of us have sinned. All of us need to repent. All of us need God’s mercy. All of us need to be merciful.
At the same time we need to stand behind the teachings of our Church if we are going to claim to be Catholic. Otherwise we confuse people especially youth about what the Church teaches. It is frustrating to listen to public figures who claim to be Catholic but take Protestant positions on various issues. They want the Church to change.
We need to remember who we are called to be. As a Church we are called to defend the truth. As Catholics we are called to defend our faith, not attack it. We are called to trust that the Holy Spirit is leading our Church. We are called to live by God’s values not the world’s.


Author: ronquinlan

To me the message is what is important. Feel free to copy and use anything on this blog. Some pieces were originally published by Catholic Lane so please give them credit. I am a charismatic Roman Catholic and former Social Studies teacher in Catholic Schools. Pieces I've written have been published on Catholi Lane, Catholic Exchange and the Women of Grace blog.

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