Time To Wake Up

It is a disappointment that so many Catholics defended the Health Care Mandate and supported the president’s re-election bid. In letter after letter to the editor, I read how I’m a life long Catholic and I agree with the government. Do these “Catholics” not understand that this is only one step in destroying the Church’s influence in American life? We need to wake up and recognize that we are in danger of losing our Church unless we take a stand.
There is no doubt about it. The Catholic Church is under attack. We’ve been called bigots, repressive, superstitious, stuck in the Middle Ages, an anachronism and these are some of the nicer things said about the institutional Church. Why? We refuse to abandon the teachings of God as expressed in the Bible and the teachings of the Church. We will not change or amend the Ten Commandments. We will not cave into their demands we provide contraceptives. We will not abandon the thirty five hundred year old prohibition of homosexuality. We will not say that abortion is acceptable and we will not as a Church, go away and shut up which is what many in Society would prefer. It is funny that we heard none of these things when we stood up against the Arms Race, Reagan’s Central America policy or the invasion of Iraq. Then what we said was relevant.
We are accepted as long as we keep our mouths shut and abandon our sacred principles. We can claim to be personally opposed to abortion but refuse to take away a women’s right to choose to kill her baby. We can be accepted if we ignore the spreading of immorality and the destruction of the family. We can be accepted if we abandon our religious values.
This is the reality in America. The Catholic Church is the favorite target of those seeking to move America into a future free of morality. We are the largest institution in their way. Unfortunately in what is called the Culture War, too many Catholics stay home. We choose not to be involved, not even bothering to pray for the conversion of this country, not bothering to learn what is going on so we could vote wisely.
This is dangerous. Unfortunately, too many of us are ignorant about Church history. We are sliding towards a future where the Church is persecuted in America. We may think it could never happen here but it happened in Mexico in the 1920’s and 30’s. The government tried to oppress the Catholic Faith and priests were shot by firing squads. A similar story happened in Spain in the 1930’s. The democratically elected government executed priests and nuns for their faith. The people didn’t see this coming. These were Catholic countries but the Church refused to abandon the faith.
We think it could never happen here but it did happen in England under Queen Elizabeth I. The Catholic Faith was illegal. Any Catholic priest found in England was executed by drawing and quartering in public, an extremely painful way to die. A murderer would be hanged but Catholic priests were drawn and quartered. Any Catholic lay person caught assisting a priest would be put to death by hanging. During Elizabeth’s reign one hundred and seventy Catholics were executed.
The Catholic Church had to exist underground in England. Most Catholics had to go without the Sacraments. Do we want that to happen here? Do we want to discover that our churches are closed because of prosecution of priests for their sermons? It is possible. In Canada priests and ministers can be prosecuted for preaching against homosexuality. Do we want churches closed because the government requires all Churches to perform gay marriages? Do we want Catholic schools closed because the government mandates the teaching of immorality in the curriculum? Do we want Catholic Charities forced to close because we will not permit children to be adopted by gay couples? Should all our schools, hospitals and nursing homes be closed because of the Health Care Mandate?
This is the direction our country is headed right now. Maybe Catholics won’t be executed but do we want to see our churches closed and our voices silenced. It is time to wake up and take things seriously. Don’t leave things for someone else. All of us need to be willing to take a stand and fight back. All of us need to be seriously praying for the conversion of our country.


Author: ronquinlan

To me the message is what is important. Feel free to copy and use anything on this blog. Some pieces were originally published by Catholic Lane so please give them credit. I am a charismatic Roman Catholic and former Social Studies teacher in Catholic Schools. Pieces I've written have been published on Catholi Lane, Catholic Exchange and the Women of Grace blog.

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