Where We Went Wrong!

You are weak, too weak to control yourself. You’ll never be able to control your passions. Selfishness is good. That is the modern way. Morality is irrelevant, do what you want. Don’t worry about who gets hurt. Don’t worry about the emotional damage you inflict on your partners. Don’t worry about the consequences. Isn’t that the message our modern society is giving the young? Isn’t this the dominate philosophy in our country? Isn’t this the message we are giving our youth?
Isn’t this the premise that birth control and abortion are based on; that they are necessary because we are incapable of controlling ourselves. We are too weak to wait for marriage, not strong enough to resist temptation. We push condoms and safe sex in junior high schools and fight for the right for children to have abortions without their parents’ knowledge. After all, everybody’s doing it! But what about the generations of children who managed to wait until they were older, the millions who waited for marriage; don’t they prove that it is possible to wait, that it is possible to control yourself that we are capable of much more than Planned Parenthood and its allies believe?
There are 2 conflicting philosophies existing in our society. The popular one perpetuated by the media claims we are no better than intelligent animals, weak and incapable of self –control and self-discipline. It encourages irresponsible sex and calls it responsible. The emotional pain caused by hooking up, the STD’s are not important. Only temporary pleasure and I suspect profit matters. It is okay to kill your own child. After all you need not be inconvenienced by a child. Their life doesn’t matter. I wonder if your life matters to these people except of course as a means of profit.
Contrast that with the philosophy offered by the Church. Rather than appealing to our lowest nature, our selfishness, our weakness, we are called to be better than we thought we could be. We are called to self-discipline, self-control and self-sacrifice. We are not told that we are weak and can’t control ourselves but that with God”all things are possible”. We”can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”. Yes we may be weak, yes we will be tempted but we don’t have to give in. We are not alone.
Where would this country be if the today’s philosophy dominated in 1941? Would we have survived World War II? Would we have emerged victorious from the Cold War? Would we have stood up to Communist Russia and Nazi Germany?
What will our future be like as a nation if we continue to give into our weaknesses; if we never try to become better as a person, stronger in character? Where will we be if we never learn self-control, self-discipline; if we never learn self-sacrifice? Are we capable anymore of the sacrifices of “the greatest generation”?
Do we not see how destructive our modern philosophy is? It not only causes great emotional pain for our youth; physically it contributes to things like cancer, STD’s, Aids, and infertility. It causes the destruction of relationships. It may also lead to the fall of this once great nation.


Author: ronquinlan

To me the message is what is important. Feel free to copy and use anything on this blog. Some pieces were originally published by Catholic Lane so please give them credit. I am a charismatic Roman Catholic and former Social Studies teacher in Catholic Schools. Pieces I've written have been published on Catholi Lane, Catholic Exchange and the Women of Grace blog.

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