Desperate For Jesus!

Sometimes I wonder if people really get the Eucharist. Many people think those who go to daily mass think themselves to be holier than thou or trying to earn merits for heaven. It’s like people think they’re automatically going to heaven because they go to daily mass. That’s not why I go to daily mass and communion. I’m not worried about heaven or earning merits.
I go simply because I’m desperate for Jesus and the grace He gives me to make it through each day. Over the past ten years I’ve taught junior high, took care of my mother during the last year of my life and worked as a caregiver for clients with Dementia, obsessive compulsiveness, Parkinson’s and terminal illnesses. I walk with people through the most painful, most difficult time of their lives. I sit and listen to the struggles and agony of primary care givers. Because of my own experience with my mother I feel their pain, their stress. I can’t do these things without receiving His grace and power as often as possible.
In the Eucharist I find the grace to be patient, to stay at peace in the midst of turmoil. I find the grace to be an ear to someone who desperately needs to talk. I find the courage to walk into someone’s home not knowing if they are still alive, knowing that someday I will find them dead. I find the grace to love people even when they are at their most unlovable, screaming curses or completely irrational. I find the grace to watch people decline knowing all I can do is be there.
The mass gives me a powerful opportunity to pray for all those I know who are hurting. At the Consecration I have the opportunity to lift up the so many people I know who are suffering. How could I stay away from mass and miss the opportunity to pray for those I love who are hurting. Sure I can pray at home but there is no more powerful time to pray than at mass.
To me the Eucharist is life itself. I need it desperately. I depend on it. There are times when something prevents me from receiving, an emergency, car trouble or something else. I feel on edge all day, like something is off, something is wrong.
There is no way I could do the things I do without the graces I receive in daily mass. It wouldn’t be possible to bear the pain I see every day, to listen to those who suffer so badly without the grace Jesus gives me in communion.
Many of us who attend daily mass are desperate for Jesus. We know how awesome He is, how much grace and love He pours out on us every time we receive Him. And we are desperately in love with Him. Where else would we be but with Jesus?


Author: ronquinlan

To me the message is what is important. Feel free to copy and use anything on this blog. Some pieces were originally published by Catholic Lane so please give them credit. I am a charismatic Roman Catholic and former Social Studies teacher in Catholic Schools. Pieces I've written have been published on Catholi Lane, Catholic Exchange and the Women of Grace blog.

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