God Loves Caregivers

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.’

John 15:13 NIV

So often when we read these words we think of soldiers dying in war or first responders risking their lives.  But there are millions in our society who day after day lay down their lives as they take care of their loved ones.  So many people sacrifice to take care of aging parents, disabled spouses or children.  Maybe you’re one of them.

I want to tell you that there is a special place in God’s heart for you and people like you.  The world may never recognize your sacrifices but God sees every one of them.  He knows how hard it is for you to deal with the obsessive compulsiveness of your loved one.  He knows how hard you struggle to be patient and loving when you’re exhausted.  He sees the messes you have to deal with.  He knows your fears, your fear of making a mistake, of making the wrong decision or of an uncertain future.  He knows how difficult things are.  He knows how alone and overwhelmed you feel.

You don’t have to be alone.  He is there by your side waiting for you to reach out to Him.  He wants to give you His strength, His patience, His peace, comfort and courage.  All you have to do is turn to Him.


Author: ronquinlan

To me the message is what is important. Feel free to copy and use anything on this blog. Some pieces were originally published by Catholic Lane so please give them credit. I am a charismatic Roman Catholic and former Social Studies teacher in Catholic Schools. Pieces I've written have been published on Catholi Lane, Catholic Exchange and the Women of Grace blog.

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