It Is Not About the Sermon Or Music!

I know someone who goes to the 5:00 mass on Saturday then gets up and goes to a Protestant church on Sunday because the preaching is better. He feels the mass is the same old thing every week and the only thing different would be the preaching. There are also former Catholics who attend Protestant services because the music is better. Do we really understand the mass?
Do we understand that at the Consecration we stand before the throne room of heaven worshipping Jesus with all the angels and saints? Do we understand we are present with Mary at Calvary as Jesus sacrifices His life for us? Do we know how privileged we are?
At a Protestant service one encounters Jesus in the Word and in the Community. So do we but we have more. Our communion is not a symbolic representation of the Last Supper. We do not just remember but we encounter the Living Jesus in the Eucharist.
The Jesus we receive is not a watered down version but the same Jesus who walked the dusty roads of Roman Palestine, the miracle worker who fed 5000 with a few fish and loaves of bread, who healed the blind, the deaf, the lame, and the paralytic and raised the dead. He is the same Jesus who walked out of the Tomb the first Easter. Jesus is present in the Eucharist in all of His power. All the love demonstrated by His going to the Cross is also present. How can we think of going elsewhere?
The things we complain about, the preaching, the music, and the sound system really don’t mean much when you consider the privilege of receiving Communion. We get to touch the Divine. Better than the woman who was healed by touching Jesus’ robe we get to touch Jesus. What more can we want? How can anything be better?