Only One Message!

Sr. Ann Shields recently wrote that our supreme duty is to evangelize, to bring people “into a life-giving relationship with our heavenly Father through the power of the Holy Spirit”. Exactly how do we do this?
How do we bring back the lost, those who have left the Church? First we need to remember that we aren’t bringing people back to an institution with a lot of rules. Our job is to bring people to Jesus, the God who loves them passionately and longs for communion with them.
We have one message. It is about the God who loves us passionately, who ardently yearns to bless us, the God who wants to pour out His love upon us. It’s about a God who loves us so much that He took our sins upon His back and suffered through the most painful death in history. It is about a God who wants to bless us more than we can imagine, a God who desires a real personal relationship with us, a God willing to let us know Him.
It is about the God of love, an infinite unfathomable love that we don’t deserve. We don’t have to earn His love. In fact we can’t earn it. That doesn’t matter. He knows every sin we’ve ever committed and every sin we will ever commit. He loves us anyway.
It is about the God who loves us so much He created the Church and the Sacraments so that we can draw near and know Him. He waits patiently for us in the Eucharist and ardently yearns to forgive our sins through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
This is our message but we also have to demonstrate this love. We need to reach out to those who are hurting, those who need God’s love. We have the power of the Holy Spirit. We can lay hands on or pray with people. We can pray not only for healing but also for those we pray with to know and experience the love of God.
Our job is to bring people to Jesus, to tell them about God’s love. Jesus will take care of the rest.


Author: ronquinlan

To me the message is what is important. Feel free to copy and use anything on this blog. Some pieces were originally published by Catholic Lane so please give them credit. I am a charismatic Roman Catholic and former Social Studies teacher in Catholic Schools. Pieces I've written have been published on Catholi Lane, Catholic Exchange and the Women of Grace blog.

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