Ready To Fight!

How many people do you know want war over what is happening in the Ukraine; too many in my opinion. As terrible as the destruction of the Malaysian airliner was, war is not the solution. Do we have any idea how many people would be killed? All of those killed, American or not would be children of God even those we disagree with.
Twenty million died in World War I, sixty million in World War II. That was 70 years ago. The technology of weapons has advanced dramatically since then A war with Russia would not be like the Iraq War. Back in the 80’s I read estimates of over 200 million killed in a conventional non-nuclear war. Today’s weapons are even more advanced.
Would there be anything left of the Ukraine after such a war. How many children and other civilians would die? Do you really expect the Middle East to remain quiet while our forces are tied down with Russia? Would Homeland Security be able to protect us from terrorists? What would prevent a submarine from launching a nuclear missile at America? Would there be anything left of our economy after such a war or would we be longing for the good old days of the recession? Would our infrastructure survive?
We claim to be Christians but want war. That doesn’t work. War for the Christian must be the absolute last resort, impossible to avoid. Considering the consequences war should be the absolute last resort for anyone. What good is a war to save the Ukraine that destroys the Ukraine and most of Europe, the Middle East and leaves the rest of the world back in the 1800’s?


Do Democrats Believe in Democracy?

Where did Harry Reid go to school? Didn’t he have a civics class of some sort? How does one get to be in the Senate when one doesn’t understand the basic framework of our constitutional system of checks and balances? Congress can not overturn a decision of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the final judge of the constitutionality of a law. Even if there were enough votes to pass your bill it would have been overturned by the Court mostly likely by a 9 to 0 vote.
The attempt to overturn the Hobby Lobby decision should be seen exactly as it is, a blatant attack on the power of the Supreme Court and a rejection of our constitutional system of checks and balances. The founders of our country created this system to protect us from the tyranny we experienced under the British. Ironically, the Democrats picked the same month we celebrate our independence to attack our system of government. Harry Reid thinks he and his fellow democrats should be the final judge of the Constitution. Soon we will have a president who believes he is the final judge. Maybe we will stop having elections every 4 years. Is this what we fought for in the Revolution? Is this what over a million have given their lives for and millions more have risked their lives?
If Congress disagrees with the Court there are two things Congress can do. One is to pass a new law following the guidelines of the Court. The other is to impeach the judges but Lord help any representative who votes for impeachment just because he disagreed with the Court’s decision. The American voters won’t stand for it.
Why is it that the Democrats feel so free to take away the freedoms so many have fought and died for? Our rights and system of government have come at a great cost, the blood of our soldiers. We dishonor all those in uniform and all those who served so valiantly in the past by ignoring the Constitution they defended. We owe it to those who sacrificed everything not to tolerate tyranny.
Our soldiers believed in the democratic system. We have to ask if the Democrats believe in democracy.

Reflections on 12 Years A Slave

I finally saw the movie, 12 Years A Slave, this weekend and was struck by the portrayal of the white southerners. It was obvious that slavery brought out the worst in these individuals. Particularly amazing were the scenes where the masters preached to the slaves.
How could people who professed to be Christians sink so low? How could they read “whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren you do onto me” and “love your neighbor as yourself’ and still practice such barbarism? What lies and rationalizations did they create to soothe their consciences? How could they think of facing God after all they did?
Are we any better today? How is the defense of abortion any different? How is abortion less of an atrocity than slavery? Aren’t human beings in both cases reduced to property without rights? Hasn’t the battle over abortion brought out the worst in people? We hear of death threats, pro-lifers being assaulted. We see Gosnell being defended by the media and Democrats; Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers fighting against any regulation of abortion.
In the 1800’s John Calhoun led the fight against any restriction on slavery. Today the new Calhoun, Harry Reid is pushing a bill that would wipe out any restrictions on abortion. How can anyone claim to be pro-choice and oppose things like ultrasounds and waiting periods, doesn’t understand the issue.
How can anyone claim to be Christian and support the killing of children, the least of Christ’s brethren?
You have to wonder if those supporting abortion and slavery really believe in God and believe that one day they will face Him. What can one say? How can one justify such atrocities

Beware of False Prophets!

In the gospel of Matthew, chapter 7, Jesus warns us to beware of false prophets. Exactly who are these false prophets He warns us about? We may be tempted to think only of the televangelists or the anti-Catholic preachers but too often we welcome these prophets into our home via the television talk shows.
Do we even question the values presented by talk show hosts like Katie Couric, Ellen or the old Oprah shows? Do we even think twice about their influence on our thinking?
I take care of a gentleman who likes Katie Couric so I am familiar with her show. There are so many good shows, ones about colon cancer, health issues, abuse, eating disorders, date rape to name a few. It is easy to just accept everything they do and that is the problem.
There is also a lot to question which contradicts Church doctrine and basically condones serious sin. Much of what Christians view as wrong is presented as normal, cohabitation, homosexuality, transgender, abortion. The president of Planned Parenthood is treated as a hero. About the only things wrong are abuse and drug use.
What would Jesus think of these shows? What would He think of the underlying values we are subtlety bombarded with?
I’m bothered because the shows give the impression this world and life is all we got. Enjoy life as much as you can, do whatever you want without hurting others, live as long as you can because this is all there is. The fact that we have souls destined for eternity is totally ignored. They don’t really care about your faith or your eternal fate.
I am sure there are people who will live longer because of something they saw on Katie. But what good does it do if we live to be 90 or even 100 if we lose our immortal soul.
Beware of false prophets !

Does the Constitution Still Matter?

I used to teach social studies and one of the most important concepts was that the Constitution was the Supreme law of the land. As we all learned it set up a system of checks and balances and guaranteed our freedoms with the Bill of Rights. Our soldiers take an oath to defend the Constitution and they fight not for the president, not for Congress, not for the Supreme Court but to defend the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. Over the past 225 years more than a million have given their lives for our freedoms.
How can we send young men and women into harm’s way and ignore the Constitution they defend? How can we ask them to sacrifice so much yet throw away the freedoms they fought for? How can we ask them to risk their lives to defend a Constitution even the Supreme Court ignores?
How can the Supreme Court rule 5-4 on the Hobby Lobby case? Has anyone heard of the free exercise clause of the First Amendment? Part of the First Amendment reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” This guarantees the right to practice your religion. The government can not force you to violate your religion unless there is harm done to society.
Pearl Harbor and World War was not sufficient cause to force the Amish, Mennonites and Quakers to violate their faith and fight in the war. What cause today is so great as to justify forcing people to violate their religions or personal faith. A political payoff to Planned Parenthood is not justification for throwing out the First Amendment. Why should businesses and private institutions pay for something so personal as birth control in the first place? Why shouldn’t people pay for their own birth control? Shouldn’t the government stay out of our bed rooms? Wasn’t that the argument for legalizing contraception?
How can the Court rule 5-4 and make their decision based on a Clinton era law rather than voting 9-0 based on the First Amendment? This decision is in the tradition of Roger Taney and the Dred Scott Decision not John Marshall. Marshall fought to make the Court independent and free of political influence. The justices are supposed to base their decisions on what is right regardless of the desires of the president. They are to act as a check on the president’s power not as his servants. History is full of justices who ignored the intentions of the presidents who appointed them. Earl Warren is a great example of a justice who stood for freedom who protected the rights of the American people and did what he believed was right rather than what Eisenhower wanted.
Where are the Earl Warrens and John Marshalls of today, justices who know the Constitution and are willing to protect the American people from tyranny? Certainly, not on this Court!