Why I Pray With People for Healing!

Over the last 14 years I must have prayed with people for healing at least a thousand times. It isn’t that I think I’m something special, that I claim the gift of healing. What it is that in front of me is someone who is hurting in some way, one of God’s beloved children. I know that if my heart aches for them, if I feel their pain then Jesus’ heart aches even more. He longs to bless them, to draw them closer to Him, to comfort and console them. I happen to be the person He has put into position so that He can reach out and bless them. I’m the one in a position to be used by Him so I volunteer to pray with people.
I never feel adequate. It is never about me but always about His love, mercy and power. It is all on Him. All I do is offer to pray. Pray first in English reminding the person I’m praying over of God’s love, mercy and promises; then I pray in tongues until power goes out of me. I never know what God does, whether he blessed the person spiritually, emotionally or physically, not until later. I only know that He did something good, that He blessed the person I prayed with in some way.
Sometimes I find out later what God has done. There have been operations that went better than doctors had a right to expect, operations that never happened, and people who recovered better or quicker than expected, sometimes people have received the grace to forgive people. It is all in God’s hands. I don’t worry about it. My job is only to reach out with the love of Jesus and pray. This is what we as Christians are called to do.


The Republican Party is Not the Answer!

Were you one of the people devastated by the Supreme Court’s Decision not to hear the case involving same-sex marriage, thus allowing a lower court to throw out a state’s ban on same-sex marriages? If so you were not alone. It was shocking and it feels like the Court is caving in. What happened with all of the Republican appointees? All we needed were 3 justices to agree to hear the case. Where is Roberts’ influence?
Our problem has been that we’ve relied on the Republicans to save our nation. We watch the moral decline of the U.S. and fight like crazy to elect Republicans. Like the Israelites of the Old Testament we’ve relied on political allies rather than putting our faith in God and turning to Him in serious prayer for the conversion of our nation. We’ve worried about winning votes rather than winning souls. We’re doing things backwards. If we win souls the votes will follow.
Look at the facts! Since 1968 the Republicans have controlled the White House for 28 of 46 years and we’ve failed to stop the moral decline of this nation or our economic decline. At best we’ve slowed our decline during the Republican years in the White House, passing bans on late-term abortions and pro marriage laws that the Courts have thrown out.
We act as if the Democratic Party is the enemy. As bad as it is it isn’t the real enemy only the tool he uses. Our real enemy is Satan and political weapons and campaigns won’t defeat him. We can’t use his weapons to fight Satan. We have to use spiritual. We have to pray and pray hard. Prayer is the only weapon we have capable of defeating him.
We have to pray and go after souls. Our country is in a desperate state. We face Isis, terrorism, Ebola, a shaky economy and massive debt. Politicians, regardless of party affiliation will not save us. Only God can!

Are We Like the Pharisees, Biden and Pelosi?

Do you know what Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have in common with the Pharisees? The gospels are full of situations where the Pharisees act as if they know more than God. God is in their midst yet they know better than Jesus. They lack the humility to recognize the truth.
Isn’t that also true of Biden, Pelosi and Sebelius among others? They think they know better than the Church and God when it comes to abortion and same-sex marriage. They dare to correct the Church officials who speak the truth on these issues.
It is easy to point the finger at the politicians who seem to cherry pick the Church teachings especially when it comes to these issues but what about us? Do we accept all of the Church’s teachings?
I’ve seen Catholics get upset over homilies about immigration. Some even walk out. Didn’t Jesus command us to love one another as He loved us? Didn’t He teach in the Good Samaritan that everyone was our neighbor? Didn’t He say that whatever we do to the least of our brethren we do unto Him?
Doesn’t this also apply to the Church’s teachings on poverty, its call for a just minimum wage and safe working conditions? Where do we stand on these issues?
Are we any different from the Pharisees if we reject the Church’s teachings on these issues? Aren’t we guilty of the same sin they committed?

Why the Church Shouldn’t Change!

So many people want the Church to change, to become more modern, and to abandon some of its teachings. This would make the Church more popular but what good is a popular Church?
In Matthew 7:14 Jesus said narrow is the way that leads to salvation. Does that sound like an endorsement of modernizing the Church? The way to heaven is narrow, in other words not what everyone else is doing.
The job of the Church is not to be popular but to lead people to salvation, to heaven. What good is a Church that doesn’t lead you to heaven? Do you really want a Church that says you can do anything you want and ignores Jesus teaching about the narrow way?
The Church can not change and stay true to its mission of leading people to salvation. It can not shift with every change in American society. Some day we have to face God who will judge us on eternal values not the political correctness of Modern America

Missing So Such!

It is a shame that so many Catholics miss out on all that God offers them. We go to mass and Jesus Christ, God is present. We get to receive Him in all of His power, glory and divinity but expect nothing to happen. For too many of us Communion is an empty ritual rather than an act of passion and love. Why do we expect so little?
With God there is always more. We worship a God of infinite power and love whose love for us is beyond measure; the God of the Universe for whom all things are possible. Our God wants to bless us immensely.
There is a world within the Church that most of us shy away from or don’t know. Yet it is a world where miracles happen and doctors are confounded, where people are healed in mind, body and soul. I know people who no longer needed operations, people whose cancer disappear, who no longer needed medications that doctors thought they would need the rest of their lives, people who lived decades after getting 6 months to live.
Our God is an awesome God capable of anything He wants to do. His love and mercy for us is incredible. But we put God in a box, thinking that He will only do certain things that He will only work through doctors and medicine. We aren’t open to all that God has for us, all that He can do, to the people He uses today. We are too much like the people of Nazareth for whom Jesus performed no miracles because they didn’t expect them from the carpenter’s son.
We face a choice. We can continue to keep God in a box and miss out on all God has to offer us or we can take the risk of opening our hearts to God’s awesome love and power. The choice is yours.