Why We Are Losing The Culture War

Why We Are Losing The Culture War

Can there be any doubt after the recent Supreme Court Decision regarding same-sex marriages that we are losing badly in the Culture War? Take a good look at this country and what do you see? Race riots, violence, crime, pornography, an epidemic of STD’s, adultery being common, a fascination with the occult, half of all marriages failing, rampant addiction, gambling and alcoholism. You can’t watch much decent stuff on TV because it doesn’t exist. Why are things so bad? How did we go so wrong?

Why are we losing the Culture War so badly? Maybe it’s because we operate under the illusion that our enemies are President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi. We fight them using the methods of politics or should I say the weapons of Satan who is our real enemy.

Our battle is not just political but a spiritual battle. We fight for the soul of America. Our goal is not really to win votes but to win hearts and souls for Christ. If we do this the votes will follow.

We can not rely on political methods to defeat Satan. After all he invented them. Negativity, anger and character assassination has no place in our battle strategy. What has all the speeches, political ads, attacks on President Obama and nasty emails accomplished? Didn’t he win re-election?

If we want to defeat Satan and pull America out of its current descent into Hell we must make prayer our primary weapon. If people said 50 or 100 prayers for every negative email conservatives send this country would be radically different today. Prayer, intensive daily prayer is the answer. We must pray as hard as we would if the enemy was at the gates because He is.

We cannot give up. We cannot quit. We need to pray and go after souls. We need to say this country the only way possible by praying as if our very lives depended on it.

It is not too late. In the book of Kings in the Old Testament the Assyrians as bad as Isis were at the very gates of Jerusalem. King Hezekiah of Judah called on the people to pray. The next morning there were 170,000 Assyrians dead from a plague and the Assyrian army in full retreat.

We need to pray and pray hard now not just before the election.

Lord, we repent of the ways we have contributed to America’s moral decline, our sins and selfishness, our embracing politicians who only pay you lip service. We pray for our country that has turned away from the path you laid out for it. Send your spirit upon us, help us to turn from the evil surrounding us. Bless your church in America. Help us to turn back to you and abandon the political correctness we have adopted. Point out the ways we have erred and grant your churches leaders who truly follow you.

Bless your people with spiritual and political leaders who are not afraid to speak the truth with love. Give us the courage and wisdom we need to speak out in truth. Give us the courage we need to reach out to those who are hurting, to those who are being led to hell. Let us be more concerned about winning souls rather than votes.

After saying this prayer offer whatever prayers you feel most comfortable with for a revival in America.


What Kind Of Country Are We Becoming

This past week in South Carolina there was a major controversy because Dabo Swinney, the football coach of Clemson University, was slated to accept an award for promoting family values from the Palmetto Family Council. The Council among other things defends the traditional definition of marriage and was labeled a hate group by several radio talk show hosts.
What is happening in this country? Have we forgotten the First Amendment? Have we forgotten the Constitution? Whatever happened to freedom of speech or of religion? It seems that we are not allowed to have our own opinions or follow our religion. No we have to do as the not so silent minority wants. Any one opposed to Gay Marriage has to be a bigot and silenced. We all have to think alike and agree with our rulers. What except for a matter of degree makes us different from Isis? Don’t they force people to agree with them and obey them? Maybe we aren’t killing people yet but there are those who wish we go away.
Is this the country that so many of our soldiers died to defend? How would they feel about this country for which they gave their life’s blood? Would they even recognize it? What would our founding fathers think? Would Washington, Jefferson or Madison approve? Didn’t Jefferson believe that the best government is that “which governs least”?
Is this country really better off since we kicked God out of school in the 60’s? We’ve killed 57 million children. STD’s are at an epidemic level. Drug use and gangs are stronger than ever. We no longer feel safe in our homes. Home security systems are now a big industry and so is protection for identity theft. Has the dropout rate ever been higher? What about underemployment? How many people are forced to accept government benefits? How many live below or close to the poverty level? Can you even keep track of the national debt or the deficit?
What about those who are killed by violence? Watching the Chicago news on summer Mondays, it seems the death toll around Chicago is higher than in Afghanistan. Then there is the violence in Ferguson, NY and Baltimore this year and Sandy Hook a few years back. Even children aren’t safe in school or out of school.
Ask yourself is this country one we should be proud of? Would Washington, Lincoln, either Roosevelt or Martin Luther King Jr. even recognize this country anymore? What happened to freedom, equality, democracy and a respect for the Constitution, the values that made this country a beacon of hope to mankind? It seems we’ve abandoned all the values that made us great for greed and self-centerness.
Why has this country declined so drastically? Maybe would blame the politicians and have good reason. Both parties refuse to work together. They seem more content to get sound bites on TV than to make the sacrifices necessary.
You can blame the Media who’ve promoted a very liberal agenda and whose only God seems to be profit.
But what about ourselves; we’re the ones who tolerated the Media as they gradually pushed the envelope over the past 40 years, dismissing wholesome shows as corny and watching the trash they offer as entertainment. We’ve tolerated politicians who lied to us, who cheated on their wives and supported Planned Parenthood. We were the ones too lazy to dig for the truth and accepted as gospel whatever the networks told us. We voted for politicians who toed the Party Line rather than think for themselves. We fell for the false images they projected rather than take the time to really analyze candidates. We should be ashamed of our ignorance.
Most of all we rejected the teachings of the Church. We did what we wanted and went through the motions of being a Catholic. We became cafeteria Catholics. We felt we could pick and choose what we believed in. There was another word for this attitude during most of history, heretical.
We’ve abandoned prayer and the sacraments. We put our faith in politicians who’ve betrayed us rather than in the all-powerful God we claim to believe in and serve.
The only way to save this country is by prayer, serious daily prayer and evangelization. Instead of worrying about elections, polls and votes we need to be concerned about souls and the heart of America. Instead of changing to fit in with modern values we need to return to God and change this country to fit in with God’s values. Otherwise this country is lost. God’s way not ours is the only answer.

I am again disappointed by your radio show. First you keep saying that Palmetto Family Council wants to repeal the law permitting same-sex marriage. There is no law in SC permitting same-sex marriages. The legislature of SC and the voter of SC never passed any such law. In fact the state constitution of SC defines marriage as between a man and a woman and this was approved by the state legislature and the voters of SC. It was a federal judge who imposed same-sex marriage on SC. At least get your facts straight.
Secondly you imply that anyone opposed to same-sex marriages is guilty of a hate crime even those who religions define it as sin. If you look at the history of Judaism and Christianity it has been considered a violation of God’s law for over 3500 years going back to Sodom at the time of Abraham. Surely, not every Christian and Jew for the past 3500 years is guilty of a hate crime.
We believe that we will face God when we die and have to give an account of ourselves. We will be judged on how we love our neighbor. It is not love to tell you the sin you are involved in is not a sin. It is not love to teach our children that a sin is not a sin. The book of Ezekiel teaches us that we will be judged for our failure to love the sinner.
You are free to believe what you believe. People are free to commit whatever sins they choose. That is between them and their God. I have no objection to same-sex partners having the same rights as married couples. I object to the redefinition of marriage after all of our history.
As Christians we have to be true to our faith and teach our children that faith. That becomes difficult when society teaches the opposition. We are called to hate the sin not the sinner. In all likelihood there are Christians who fail to do that but it is wrong to lump all Christians and Churches as guilty of a hate crime.
The worst part of your show is that you host a Sports talk show. Why are you wasting so much time on these issues? As I have written previously people listen to you to get away from the political nonsense.
Thank you for your attention!

Ronald Quinlan