Could This Be Our Last Chance?

The Year of Mercy is most definitely a gift from God, another opportunity for us to turn back to him and repent of our sins. How many times has God called us back to Him either through evangelists like Billy Graham or the Church and its priests, bishops and popes? How many more times will God call us back? How many chances will He continue to give us? What if this year is our last chance as a nation or as individuals?
The Bible shows that God’s patience is not endless. When Israel ignored His prophets, Israel was conquered by Assyria and Judah was conquered by Babylon. Both failed to come back to God despite the call of prophets like Elijah and Jeremiah. Are we any better than either nation?
Take a good look at this country and the world. Abortion, the killing of the unborn goes on, marriage is desecrated, war continues, God and the Church are mocked. Our television shows, movies and plays promote every sin but murder. God is defied openly by our politicians. Sin is no longer recognize and true Christians are criticized for their faith.Can we get much worse?
What about the dangers we face, crime, violence, disease, terrorism? In my parish we have over 100 die every year, many of them younger than we are. How can we be sure that we will be here to repent later?
This year is God’s gift to us. Now is the time to take advantage of God’s mercy. Turn back to God. Take a good look at your lives. See where you need to change. Turn off the trash on TV and ignore the must see nonsense that society talks about. Live by God’s standards. Go to confession as often as possible.
Stop going through the motions and worship God with all your heart. Pray intensely for yourselves, your family, the lost and our nation. Beg God for a revival in this country. Pray that people be set free of Satan’s snares and lies.


Are We Praying For the Wrong Things?

How often do we pray for the Lord to change our circumstances, change our lives? We pray for a better car, job or house. We pray for health all of which are good things but maybe we need to pray for something more important. Maybe we need to pray for the Lord to change us. Give Him the permission to make us into the people He created us to be.
Pray to be changed by the Lord. Pray to be set free of the anger, resentment, prejudices and negativity that keep us from becoming the people He wants us to be. Pray to become more positive, to trust Him more to be more loving. Pray for a change in attitude, a change in expectations. Pray for a greater faith in Him in His love for You. Pray to really believe that He is a God of Infinite Love who wants what is best for us.
Pray to be set free of the fear and doubt that cripple us.
Pray for opportunities to be of service to Him and His Church. Pray for a greater love of the Sacraments. Pray to be changed every time you receive Communion. Pray for the grace to be generous. Pray to be set on fire with love for Him and His people. Pray to make a difference in the world for Him. Pray to grow more like Jesus!