Why Do We Believe Politicians?

I went to college during the Vietnam War. As a high school senior I believed everything our government said about defending democracy in Vietnam. One of the first persons I met in college was a Vietnam vet who had served in Vietnam. From him and other vets I learned that the government of S. Vietnam was not a democracy. This fact was confirmed in a book later written by the former vice-president of S. Vietnam, Ky. S. Vietnam was never a democracy.
This taught me to question what politicians say and to dig for the truth. As a high school social studies teacher I taught American history from both sides presenting both sides of an issue and challenging my students to analyze the facts presented by both sides, made up their own minds and defend their position.
If high school students can do this why can’t we? Why do we fall for every lie a politician or political organization gives?
We need to stop accepting whatever politicians and other groups say. With the Internet it is easy to check what they say, to find multiple viewpoints. Otherwise we deserve the government we end up with.


Don’t We Believe In The Holy Spirit?

One of the most unpopular decisions any pope has ever made was the decision of Paul VI to forbid artificial contraception. I have the feeling that he may not have totally understood his decision but the Holy Spirit knew what He was doing.
When you look some 40 or 50 years later you see the consequences of ignoring his teaching. Breast Cancer has increased over 600 % and many oncologists believe the Pill is involved. Marriage has basically disintegrated.
Most people don’t realize it but there was an alternative. Natural Family Planning. I first learned of it in a Human Anatomy Course at Union College, a public college in 1977. It utilizes the same techniques that doctors used in fertility clinics only they are used to avoid conception rather than facilitate it. It requires discipline, communication and collaboration between a couple. According to my professor it was as effective as the Pill without negative side effects. There were positive side effects of the work and collaboration needed. Natural Family Planning marriages have a success rate of over 90% far better than other marriages.
Maybe the pope didn’t know what he was doing but the Holy Spirit who guides the pope did.

What Happened To Freedom In This Country?

Last week I read that the ACLU was suing a Catholic hospital in order to force it to perform abortions.
Today the Little Sisters of the Poor are arguing before the Supreme Court for their right not to pay for contraceptives. What happened to freedom in this country when our government attempts to force us to perform what we believe are heinous sins?
Is this the freedom we fought for at Lexington, Saratoga, or Yorktown? Is this the freedom that Washington, Daniel Morgan and others suffered so greatly for? Is this the freedom that so many died for at Valley Forge? All through our history men and women have sacrificed greatly in order to protect the freedom of the American people at places like Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, the Argonne, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Pusan, Chosen, Danang, Khe Sanh, Mosul. Almost every generation has been called to lay down their lives to defend American freedom.
Our religious freedom is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, the first not the last amendment. It was so important to our forefathers they placed it first and states refused to ratify the Constitution until Madison promised a Bill of Rights. Yet there are those in our country who wish to take away that freedom to force their choices on us. Is this why my father fought for with his brothers in World War II. Is that why Senator Webb fought in Vietnam so that liberals could force abortion on people?
We hear a lot about choice but what about our right to choose? Choice goes both ways. If you have a right to choose abortion than I have a right to refuse to participate in any way shape or form. We hear that the government has no place in women’s bedrooms. Well doesn’t that include paying for abortion or contraceptives? Shouldn’t the government stay completely out of the bedroom?
If we are going to argue that women have the right to choose shouldn’t we support laws that create requirements that will allow women to make the best choice? Shouldn’t they be informed of all their options? Shouldn’t they see an ultrasound? What is wrong with waiting periods?
Is it really about choice or money?
We need to remember what our forefathers fought for and not allow radicals to destroy our freedom.


I was challenged to check the facts about Planned Parenthood in a comment. We need to check the Washington Post fact checker on Planned Parenthood. It reveals that Abortion provides a significant part of Planned Parenthood’s income. Secondly it analyzes the services and methods of accounting and the way they determine how large a percentage of their services are actually abortions.
Exactly what health services does PP provide that hospitals and clinics don’t provide also.
I was told that they go into neighborhoods where there aren’t any health services. Really have you been in those neighborhoods to see what health services are available?
I spent 20 years teaching high school students in Newark. To say that health care wasn’t available would be a blatant insult to the doctors and staff at the University of Medicine hospital in Newark, United Hospital, St James, Beth Israel and one other Catholic hospital whose name I forget.
I went to college in Jersey City and they had 4 hospitals that I can remember, Elizabeth where I went to high school had 3 hospitals. Exactly where does Planned Parenthood provide health care where none is available. Exactly what health services does PP provide outside of birth control and abortion which I question as good for women and especially girls.
As far as facts how many teenage girls have you known? I talked high school girls for 20 years in Newark. I speak from personal knowledge when I write of their pain.
You also need to research Silent No More.
Maybe you should research Abby Johnson, Margaret Sanger, Mary Gatter, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Dr. Savita Ginde, Cate Dyer and Deb Vanderher, all of whom have worked for Planned Parenthood. See what they say before you defend Planned Parenthood.
Also be sure to see what oncologists have to say about the connection between the Pill, Abortion and Breast Cancer.
Don’t believe me or PP. Look for your self.

Why Trump Is Wrong About Planned Parenthood!

I am amazed at the number of people who claim Planned Parenthood does a lot of good. Donald Trump is merely the most famous. I have to wonder have they really considered what Planned Parenthood does or the impact Planned Parenthood and its allies have upon this country. The question should be can anything outweigh the evil that Planned Parenthood has done.
Forget the fact that Planned Parenthood performs over 300,000 abortions a year. Forget those who suffer psychologically because of abortions. Forget the recent accusation of selling baby parts or their political opposition to all attempts to regulate abortion or safety standards for their clinics. Forget the fact that they are fighting a Texas law that would require their doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Ignore the fact that women still die because of botched abortions.
Think instead about the message they deliver to our youth that they are too weak to control themselves; that they are incapable of self-discipline, that they can not resist the temptation to have sex. Think about the way they encourage sexual activity long before children are mature enough to handle it. Think about the fact that middle school students are having sex long before they can handle it.
Think about those who are hurt by such activity, the pain of a teenage girl who gave herself to some guy, thinking it was love and forever and instead got used and dumped. Think about the emotional harm done when this happens over and over. Think about the pressure now put on a guy to be sexually active, that they must not be normal if they aren’t sexually active.
Think about the long-term consequences of such activity, millions of young men and women who are emotionally crippled, incapable of long-term commitment, desperate to be loved by someone. Is it any wonder so many marriages fail?
Has birth control not made it easier for a person to cheat on their spouse? Has it not weakened marriages and reduced women to sexual objects rather than partners in building a family? Has it not reduced the need for commitment? Has it not contributed to the lack of communication and collaboration which cripples many marriages? Has it not been a factor in many divorces? What about the pain suffered by the children? What about their emotional damage? Are these things not important?
In an age when sexually transmitted diseases are rampant and sometimes fatal isn’t it criminal to encourage recreational sex? Is that really responsible?
What about the side effects of the medicine provided by Planned Parenthood. It struck me as ironic that while the government was pushing its contraception mandate and trying to force religious organizations to provide birth control coverage, TV networks were advertising lawsuits against the manufacturers of the Pill? What about the more than 600% increase in breast cancer since the pill became common in 1970? If Planned Parenthood really cared about their patients shouldn’t they be fighting for the government to investigate this? Shouldn’t they be investigating the link between abortion and breast cancer? Shouldn’t they be providing mammograms, cancer screenings and treatment?
They claim to be fighting for the right of a woman to choose but why do they oppose laws that would help women made a more informed choice? Shouldn’t they be for ultrasounds and waiting periods? Shouldn’t they support laws that require pre-abortion counseling?
Shouldn’t they be promoting natural family planning, a method of family planning utilizing the same scientific methods used to determine when a woman is most fertile, a method that requires communication and collaboration and strengthens marriages, a method without negative side effects? Shouldn’t they be promoting rather than ridiculing a method my public college human anatomy professor claimed way back in 1977 was as effective if not more effective as the Pill?
What about the goals of its founder Margaret Sanger who like Hitler believed in eugenics and wanted to purify American society of undesirables? What about the fact that Planned Parenthood and its allies are responsible for aborting over 40% of all African-American babies?
Sure, Planned Parenthood has played a major role in shaping this country. They and their allies have been major contributors to the weakening of marriages in this country and the breakdown of morality. Millions of women and children have been victims of their philosophy. They are among the many in this country who have promoted selfishness, contributed to the degradation of women, helped to devalue human life and helped make killing seem acceptable. They have tried to destroy or discredit clinics which truly serve the needs of women and they have ignored the emotional needs of those who have followed their culture of death. They have attacked all religious faiths that disagreed with them.
Only someone who is morally blind could call what Planned Parenthood does good or an agent of Satan.