The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

June 28, 2000 is a day I will always remember, the day I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. After 5 weeks of preparation I was unsure what to expect and after I was baptized I still didn’t know what had happened. All I knew was that something had happened. I had the impression I would learn as I needed to, that the graces I needed would be revealed to me as I needed to know.
I remember walking out with a desire to receive Communion every day if possible. I suddenly had a greater devotion to Adoration, going every week and praying as long as possible after daily mass. It seemed that opportunities to pray became more apparent to me than ever before. I started praying in lines at the bank, CVS and grocery stores.
I experienced a desire to learn as much as possible, reading as many books on the Eucharist, on the charismatic gifts and healing as possible. The Spirit also led me to the Christian Foundations for Ministry program, a 3 year program.
Even my teaching career was impacted. One of the many subjects I taught was religion. I taught from a charismatic perspective and it blew one of the student’s father mind when his daughter laid hands on his bad back and commanded it to be healed in the name of Jesus.
Many of the graces I received seemed to be revealed gradually. After about a year I caught myself singing in tongues to the song Trading My Sorrows. Seven years later I began to write. So very often I would look at things I had felt compelled to write and knew it wasn’t me. All of my life I was good at writing history essays not anything spiritual, yet I’ve had things published on Catholic Exchange, Catholic Lane and even read on the Women of Grace radio show on EWTN. This can only be the workings of the Holy Spirit. I’m certainly not that good.
Probably the greatest grace I received was a desire to help the hurting. So often I would be in circumstances where I would hear someone upset, or complaining about health issues and feel led to volunteer to pray with them I remember being in church praying before the tabernacle after mass and hearing a woman crying behind me. I felt compelled to talk to her and ended up praying over her before the Eucharist something I had never done by myself before. Her story had blown my mind because she had stopped in on her way to work in New York City but Roselle, NJ was out of her way. It was definitely a situation created by God.
I have prayed over people fairly often and never have felt confident about it. I know by myself I am totally inadequate but when I look around I don’t see anyone else so I point to Jesus as much as possible, praying before the Eucharist as much as possible and pray in tongues, allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me. Amazing things happened. It is all the Holy Spirit. All of this is due to the graces I’ve received on June 28, 2000 when I was baptized by the Holy Spirit.

This was published in Wellsprings, the quarterly of the SC Charismatic Conference