What About the War on Children?

We hear so often about the so-called Republican War on Women but could God be asking us ; what about the Democratic War on My children?
I remember Democrats like McCarthy and McGovern speaking out against the Vietnam War. I watched massive demonstrations in Washington on TV, involving over 1,000,000 protesters. So many liberals protesting a war that was killing our children. So many young Americans died in Vietnam yet each month more American children are killed by Abortion than died in Vietnam from 1945 until 1973. Each month a greater number of children are killed by Abortion than died during the whole Vietnam War.
The Civil War was the deadliest war in American history yet each year more American children are aborted than died in 4 years of warfare on American soil. The War on Children kills more Americans each year than we lost during World War II, World War I and Korea. In fact this war kills more Americans each year than we lost in all the wars the U.S. fought during the whole Twentieth Century.
Sadly since 1973, Roe v Wade about 58,000,000 Americans have been killed by Abortion, roughly one fifth of our population. Think about that one out of 5 Americans have been killed in a silent war against children yet so few protest. Yet this year the Democrat party has called for more Abortions. Not enough children are dying.
Where are the McCarthy’s and McGovern’s of this generation of Democrats? Who is speaking for the weakest, most vulnerable among us? Where is the Martin Luther King of this generation fighting against the slaughter of so many African-American children?
We have to ask why we allow this to go on? Why is it that children’s lives matter so little, that women’s rights are so much more important. Think about it. During World War II, Korea and Vietnam so many of our soldiers risked their lives to protect our children and our rights. Today rather than sacrificing for our children we killed them to save them from suffering. Does this make sense? Does any of this make sense. In the case of rape it is not the rapist who is executed but the child who dies for their father’s crime. Do you really think that God is going to approve of this? Would you bless such a nation if you were God? These are His children who are dying.
Why do so many Christians fail to stand up for the unborn? What will we say to Him when He asks us why we did nothing to save His children? Why are we silent? Why do we continue to vote for so-called Catholics and Christians who lack the courage to stand up for their faith?


Author: ronquinlan

To me the message is what is important. Feel free to copy and use anything on this blog. Some pieces were originally published by Catholic Lane so please give them credit. I am a charismatic Roman Catholic and former Social Studies teacher in Catholic Schools. Pieces I've written have been published on Catholi Lane, Catholic Exchange and the Women of Grace blog.

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