Miracles Still happen

Benny Hinn, the famous faith healer seen on TV, believes in the power of the Eucharist to heal so why don’t Catholics? Today I receive an article from Church Pop that told about Hinn’s talk given to a Protestant church. He said more healings occur in Catholic churches than in Pentecostal churches because Catholics believe that Jesus is really present in the Eucharist. Interesting statement from a Protestant preacher but you can see a video of his talk on-line for yourself.
Benny Hinn is right. I have witnessed healings myself. There was a lady in my parish who was in extreme pain. I prayed with her to be totally open to the power of the Eucharist on a Sunday before mass and she improved. The next Saturday I again prayed with her and the pain was gone. I learned that she had been hospitalized with a spinal infection that doctors were unable to treat. After being prayed over her infection disappeared.
I have prayed over people to be totally open to the grace of the Eucharist and operations were canceled, biopsies were negative , and one woman is now able to get through the week without pain medication.
Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist in all His divinity, power and most importantly in all of His infinite love for us. That is a basic teaching of our faith. All of the power that created the universe is present in the host. Hebrews 13:8 tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. That means when we receive communion we encounter the same Jesus who healed the paralytic, raised Lazarus from the dead and whose cloak healed the woman who bled for 12 years.So why don’t we expect to see healings occur?
The problem with too many of us is that we are like the people in the recent Time Warner commercials, you know the woman who doesn’t want a raise or more vacation time. In the Eucharist Jesus offers us much more than just physical healing. He looks at us and sees all of the spiritual and emotional wounds we have suffered from over the course of our lives and He wants to heal all of these wounds. He wants to pour on us a Niagara Falls worth of grace to help us heal and change our lives but we don’t want to change, to let go of our hurt or anger so therefore we lose out.
Pray to be totally open to the power and graces of the Eucharist including the grace to change. Allow Jesus to do whatever He wants knowing that His love for you is infinite. Then watch miracles happen.


Our Turn Now!

Catholics have a long history of enduring persecution. We all know about the early persecutions by the Roman empire. In Islamic states and under communism it is to be expected. But in places like Catholic Spain, France, Mexico and England it was not expected yet hundreds became martyrs in each country.
The people of revolutionary France, Mexico in the 1920’s and Spain in the 1930’s did not expect persecution. They believed it could never happen in their countries. Don’t we believe the same? Religious persecution in this country would never happen. Yet the reality is that Christians have been arrested and prosecuted for standing up for their religious beliefs. Courts have ordered Christian pregnancy centers to provide referrals for abortions. Fines have been imposed on businesses that refuse to participate in same-sex marriages. This may only be the beginning. Planned Parenthood wants us to pay for abortions.
What else they will come up with should worry you. Are you ready to stand up for your faith? Are you willing to endure persecution because it is coming. The Catholic Church is the largest denomination standing against their modern Godless agenda.

Not Voting For Trump

I am not voting for Donald Trump. I am voting for the right to practice my religion. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion. Hillary Clinton has promised that religious beliefs must be changed. This is in violation of the First amendment. She also promised to repeal the Platt Amendment forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions another violation of the Amendment.
If Hillary can throw out the First Amendment why would she not also throw out the rest of the Constitution so I am also voting for a constitutional government. I am voting for democracy.
I am voting against Hillary Clinton so I will cast my ballot for Trump reluctantly as the only candidate that could possibly save America from a dictatorship determined to impose a radical agenda on America and destroy all this country stands for.

I Need To Love You

I Need To Love You

This morning I was reading a reflection by Concepcion Cabrera de Armida in a book called Holy Hours. On page 115 one line jumped out at me. “It is an essential need of my life to love You”. How often have our thoughts ever gone in that direction? We need to love God. It is part of our nature.
We need to love God because He is so good. We need to worship Him because of who He is, because of His love and goodness to us. So often we pray to God but we’re seeking something, things we need, counsel, help with a decision, and help with our lives or something for someone else. So often our focus is on ourselves, our family or friends, not on God. So often our prayer is about ourselves not God.
Yet we were made to love God not try to use God. We treat Him often as an all-powerful Santa Claus. Give me, Give me! Yet He deserves and desires much more than that. Our prayer lives should be based on more than our human desires. We should be seeking God. Prayer should be about giving to God our love. We need to do that for our own sakes. It is what we were created for. Without this aspect of prayer our lives will always have an empty spot that we can’t fill.
How do we do this? I wish I knew! I’d be a saint. I know what I’ve read. There’s a story of a peasant who would sit in church for hours just looking at the Tabernacle and a priest asked him what he did. The peasant’s response was he just looked at Him and He looked at him. It sounds very simple but just being present and still in the presence of the Lord is very hard. We’re too task oriented and driven. We think we have to be always saying the rosary or praying out of our prayer books. But if you think about it in a good romance the most important thing you do is spend time with that person.
Maybe we can learn how to love God from romance or marital relationship. In the ideal relationship one party doesn’t seek to use the other or constantly ask for things from the other. We wouldn’t call it love but using the other person. At the same time as much as we say we love God, do we really if all our prayers are asking God to bless us, our family and friends. Even if we’re praying for vocations, world peace, the hungry in Africa, or the Church we still asking God to give. This isn’t to say any of those things are bad but there must be more to our love for God.
Some part of our lives must be God directed, pointed to and going to God and not expecting God to give us things or blessings back. This is the hard part to desire nothing back but just to express our love for God, praise and give to Him without expecting anything back.
How do we give God love? Two ideas from modern romance apply. One we seek to know the other. The second is that one sacrifices for the other.
How do we get to know God? One way is by asking God to reveal Himself to you and then reading the scriptures. Read not for the stories or to find verses that encourage you or apply to your situation but read in order to know God better, who He is as He revealed Himself in scripture. Another way would be to spend time with Him in adoration. Here there is help getting started. There are a lot of good books for adoration that would help you make a Holy Hour.
Holy Hours are interesting. They usually take an hour or more. Too often we rush in and out and we really never settle ourselves enough for God to speak to us. Secondly, we need to spend most of our time listening not reading. Many of the books entitled Holy Hours are divided into six to eight page sections. They take maybe fifteen or twenty minutes to read. The rest of the time should be spent in reflection, thinking and listening.
This is an example of the sacrifice of romance, spending real-time with the beloved rather than rushing in and out. It is also an example of listening that should be part of all love relationships.
We are called to sacrifice for love of God. Growing up we learned to give to the missions, to reach out to the poor and to help others. There are more things we can sacrifice like sleep in order to attend mass or to spend time in prayer. We could sacrifice watching TV shows that our beloved might not like because of the violence. Whatever we decide to sacrifice it is important that we make the sacrifice out of love for God. If you think about the sacrifices you made for your spouse or kids they are similar. You give of your time and energy to do something for one you love.
As I said earlier I don’t know myself exactly how to love God for the sake of loving God for His goodness but I know it is something we need to do and think about in order to grow in our spiritual lives. Weirdly enough, we probably have to ask God for the help we need to do so.

Lord, I want to love You because You are so good and worthy of my love. I confess I‘ve failed so many times before. I want to do better. I need Your grace to do so. Amen.

This was recently published in Wellsprings.

Is Abortion Really The Best We Can Do?

What does it say about us as a people when the only solution our politicians can come up with for women’s rights, the population crisis and global warming is to kill babies. The last I looked it was 2016, not 1973. Surely science has advanced since then.
I know in 1976 in a public college human anatomy course we learned about real scientific techniques for controlling reproduction that were more effective than artificial contraception and would have eliminated the need for abortion. Of course it would require self discipline.
What does it say about our politicians when they lack the moral character to suggest we practice self discipline? What does it say about their courage, creativity or imagination?
What does it say about their opinion of the American people? They seem to be believe that we are too weak, too controlled by our hormones to practice discipline. Basically their policies create the impression that we believe we are no better than dogs in heat.
What happened to political courage, to political genius and moral character? What happened to the belief in the American people that Roosevelt and Churchill had?
Sadly, our current politicians lack that kind of character and belief in the American people.
Let’s show these politicians what Americans are really capable of!

We Live in the Same Country

Yesterday I was at a life chain praying along Route 17 in front of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in N. Myrtle Beach , SC when a lady pulled into the parking lot and got out screaming at us that we had no right. Sorry, lady but we have the right in the Constitution; the First Amendment has not been overthrown by the courts yet. Not only do we have the right but we are morally obligated by the Bible. In the book of Ezekiel God promises that we would be punished if we fail to warn sinners.

More importantly we live in the same country. God is not going to just stand back and let us continue to slaughter His children. Read the Old Testament. When the people of Israel and Judah departed from God He stopped protecting them and they were conquered.

America did not become the greatest country in history because of our genius or military prowess. Ask any soldier who served in World War II, Korea or Vietnam what snafu means. We became great because God has blessed this nation.

We are a country desperately in need of God’s blessing. Look at all that has happened in this country. We are vulnerable to terrorism as NY, Seaside Heights, Boston and Fort Hood has proven. We are vulnerable to national disasters. Remember Sandy, Katrina, the flooding that seems to take place everywhere, the fires in the West that seem to come every summer, the rash of tornadoes that occur every year. Right now the East Coast is nervously watching Hurricane Matthew and Southern California has an earthquake warning.

I know the president and other politicians will blame all of this on global warning but isn’t it just as likely that God is calling for our attention. The world has never been so sinful. We make the ancient Israelites look virtuous compared to us. We are lucky that God has not destroyed us yet. Maybe if you remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah God has withheld His wrath because of those who stand for morality, who stand against the sinfulness of modern Americans.

We live in the same country. All of us are threatened by terrorism and natural disasters. All of us need God’s blessing and protection. We do have a right to stand against Abortion .

A Healing Prayer Before Communion

Jesus, I believe that You are truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist, present in all Your power and divinity, that you want me to come to You and You want to pour Your love upon me.
I believe that You came so that I might have life and have it abundantly, that You are the same , yesterday, today and forever and just as You healed the people in the Gospels You still heal people today.
I believe that nothing is impossible for You, no disease or situation is too great for You.
I believe that You love me with an infinite love, love beyond anyone’s imagination, that You know and passionately desire what is best for me and long to bless me much more than I can imagine.
Help me to be totally open to the graces You want to pour out on me as I receive You in communion. Help me to put aside my pride and allow You to change me in the way I need to change. Pour out Your grace upon me. Open my heart to Your incredible love.
Thank You for what You are going to do.