The Rosary, Stronger Than The Bomb

Have you ever heard what happened at Hiroshima? If you look at picture of the destruction you will see one building standing in the middle of the destruction. It was the residence of Jesuit missionaries who met each day to say the rosary. At the time of the bomb there were 8 living there. They suffered only cuts from flying glass as the windows broke. They were only a few blocks away from ground zero and everything around them was incinerated yet they survived the blast with only minor cuts. They lived to die naturally of old age. I remember one Father Pedro Arrupe was the head of the Jesuits when I was at St. Peter’s, a Jesuit college in the early 70’s. A similar story happened at a Franciscan mission in Nagasaki.
There are many miracles associated with the rosary. Even its origin is miraculous. St Dominic was engaged in a failing mission to convert a heretical sect, the Albigensians in 1208 when he went to the forest of Prouille to pray and fast for 3 days. There Mary appeared and instructed him to preach the Marian Psalter, 150 Hail Mary’s. She gave him a new structure of 15 mysteries organized in 15 decades.
The first miracle attribute to the rosary took place at Muret where a 30,000 man Albigensian army was defeated by a 1500 man Catholic militia that spent the night before the battle praying the rosary. Similar victories took place against Muslim invaders at Kotor in 1539 and Malta in 1565.
The most famous military victory attributed to the power of the rosary took place in 1571 at Lepanto where a Muslim fleet of 300+ ships and over 100, 000 men were crushed by a Catholic fleet of 285 ships and 70,000 men, many of whom were inexperienced sailors. The Catholics lost 12 ships and 7,000 men while the Muslims lost over ½ of their ships, 30,000 men including 34 admirals and 120 ship captains. Not only did the sailors pray the rosary but most of the Catholics in Europe prayed the rosary for Mary’s protection of Europe.
Another victory took place at Vienna in 1683 where a Catholic army of 40,000 men led by Jan Sobieski defeated Muslim forces of about 150,000 men. Again our greatest weapon was the rosary. There are other battles and victories fought in defense of Europe against Muslim attempts to conquer Europe attributed to the rosary.
There were even miracles in the U.S.
In 1871 the same night of the Chicago Fire there was another fire in the vicinity of Peshtigo, Wisconsin burning thousands and thousands of acres and killing 2,000. In the midst of the inferno there was a shrine to Our Lady of Good Hope to which many of the locals fled. Led by a Sister Adele Brise they paraded around the shrine carrying a statue of Mary and praying the rosary. They and the shrine survived despite the heat and smoke.
In 1978 at FSU Ted Bundy entered a sorority killing all but one who was there. One girl survived. She was alone in her bed asleep still holding a rosary. Before she left for college her mother made her promise to say a rosary every night for her protection. Later Bundy was asked why he spared the girl. His reply was that he wanted to kill her but some force would not let her enter the room.
Austria was saved from communism by the power of the rosary. After World War II Austria was occupied by the Soviet Union. The bishops called for a daily rosary until the Soviets left. After 8 years in 1955 the Soviets pulled out of Austria. It is the only country they pulled out of without some kind of military force being involved. In Brazil there was another miracle in 1964. The president, Joao Goulart, wanted to make Brazil communist and started to move in that direction. The response of the people was to say the rosary. Two weeks after a rosary rally and march of 600,000 people Goulart fled Brazil.
In 1986 there was the controversial election between Marcos and Aquino in the Philippines. Marcos was accused of stealing the election. There was a coup attempt. Marcos sent tanks to crush the coup. The tanks were stopped by people praying the rosary in front of the tanks. The tankers were ordered forward but refused and the Marcos government fell. Asked why they refused to go the tankers told Cardinal Sin that they saw Mary praying with the people.
A war between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela was averted by the power of the rosary in 2008. Columbia had sent troops into Ecuador chasing rebels who hid in the neighboring country. Ecuador and her ally Venezuela was prepared to fight over this violation of Ecuador’s territory. The response of the Colombian president was to pray the rosary with his cabinet for peace. Three days later the three presidents settled the issue.
If all these miracles occurred because of the rosary, shouldn’t we be saying the rosary for the defeat of Muslim terrorism, the protection of our country and its conversion? Should we not use this powerful spiritual weapon to pray for the protection and conversion of our family? I sure there are many, many more stories of miracles that we have not heard of. These I rediscovered as I read Father Donald Calloway’s Book, The Champions of the Rosary for our RCIA program.
We have to get the word out about such a powerful weapon. Please forward or post this.


Author: ronquinlan

To me the message is what is important. Feel free to copy and use anything on this blog. Some pieces were originally published by Catholic Lane so please give them credit. I am a charismatic Roman Catholic and former Social Studies teacher in Catholic Schools. Pieces I've written have been published on Catholi Lane, Catholic Exchange and the Women of Grace blog.

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