In The Garden



We need to reconsider the prayer of Jesus in the Garden, “yet not my will, but yours be done”.  Knowing everything that was going to happen, all the pain and suffering He would endure He prayed thy will be done. Shouldn’t that be our prayer too?

Jesus was rejected because He was not the Messiah they wanted.  The people wanted a military leader who would free them from Rome.  Even the Apostles misunderstood Him, expecting positions of power.  The Pharisees felt they knew better and saw Jesus as a threat to their power and prestige.

 Right now Pope Francis is in the Garden praying the same prayer as Jesus, thy will be done, not mine.  Soon he will enter his passion.  He will not be the pope that many people want.  He can not be and do the will of the Father.  He can not ok abortion, contraception or gay marriage among other things.  He has to do the will of God just like Jesus.  He too will be attacked.  He may not be physically crucified but he will be scourged emotionally and attacked for trying to carry out the will of the Father. 

We need to consider where we fit in the gospel story.  Are we like the Pharisees who rejected Jesus because they knew better than He did and His success would threaten their position?  Do we think we know better than the Pope and the Church?  Do we consider the Church hopelessly old fashioned and irrelevant?

Are we like the Apostles who abandoned Jesus? Are we silent rather than speak out on unpopular positions?  Do we prefer not to be noticed?  Are we afraid like Peter of what people will think or do?  Do we deny the teachings of the Church?

Are we like Judas?  Do we betray our faith for personal gain, political advancement or popularity?  Have we rejected the teachings of the Church because they interfere with our career or income?  Do we only support the Church when it is profitable or painless?

Where do we stand?

It is the role of the Pope and the Church to help us get to heaven.  This is what it is all about, leading people to Christ, getting us to heaven.