Reading Jeremiah, A Warning For America

One of the most frightening books in the Bible is the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was the prophet who warned about and witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 586 BC. Not only was Jerusalem and the Temple destroyed but the people of Judah was dragged off into exile. Only a few poor were left behind.

What is frightening is that many of the things God said about the Judeans could be applied to us today. Jeremiah 2:17 asks the question”Have you not brought this upon yourself by forsaking the Lord your God when he led you in the way”. We are going through a lot of turmoil, both political and economic. Could this have been brought on by the fact that many Americans have ignored God? Those who attend church regularly are a minority now. Europe is even worse than we are. Can we really expect God to take care of us if we ignore or deny His existence?

Jeremiah 6: 10 said “behold the word of the Lord is to them an object of scorn they take no pleasure in it”. Can these words not apply to those who condemn and ridicule the Church for standing up for life and marriage? Is not the gospel message attacked today in our country?

In Jeremiah 7:26 God called the Israelites a stiff neck people, too stubborn to listen to the prophets. Can the same not be said of the Pro Choice Movement? Every reasonable compromise has been opposed. Nothing but an unlimited right to abortion at any time is good enough for some of them. Their attacks on pro-lifers are filled with vehemence. We are basically told to stick our heads in the sand and ignore everything. They don’t need our religion or the word of God.

Yet they aren’t the only ones who God might consider stiff-necked. What about some of the members of the Gay Community who seem intent on ramming their agenda down our throats? What about their attempts to disrupt masses? How might God feel?

Might the words of Jeremiah 8: “…They hold fast to deceit, they refuse to return” also apply to us today? What about Jeremiah 8:6 “…no man repents of his wickedness, saying, What have I done?” Does not Jeremiah 8:9”…lo, they have rejected the word of the Lord and what wisdom is there in them?” Do these words not apply to America?

Jeremiah 9:5 reads” Every one deceives his neighbor and no one speaks the truth; they have taught their tongue to speak lies; they commit iniquity and are too weary to repent.” Could these words be applied to the mess on Wall Street? Could they be applied to our politics with all of the vicious attacks on character? Could they be applied to the political candidates on both sides who refuse to tell the truth about the economy, Social Security and Medicare?

What about Jeremiah 12:2 “…thou art near in their mouth and far from their heart”? Do these words apply to the politicians who claim to be Christian and go after the Christian vote but contradict Christian morality on marriage and abortion?

How can we answer the question of Jeremiah 9:9 “Shall I not punish them for these things? Says the Lord; and shall I not avenge myself on a nation such as this? How can we answer this question? If this isn’t frightening then I don’t know what is?

Yet all is not hopeless. For in Jeremiah 3: 12-13 God has a promise for the America of today. “Return, faithless Israel, says the Lord: I will not look upon you in anger, for I am merciful, says the Lord; I will not be angry for ever. Only acknowledge your guilt, that you have rebelled against the Lord your God…”He goes on to promise to bless them if they return in many ways applicable to the people of that time. Would He not do the same for America?

We need to look at ourselves and repent of any ways we have sinned. We need to avail ourselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There should be long lines, not two or four people. We need to pray for those who have turned their backs on God. We should be praying for the conversion of politicians, those who fight for abortion and those pushing Gay rights. Just voting isn’t enough. We need to spend a lot of time praying. Over and over Mary has asked people to say the rosary. That would be a good place to start.