God Has Given Us A Miracle. Are We Going To Waste It?

The presidential election was definitely miraculous. God gave us a miracle in response to the millions of prayers offered by people of faith. Now what are we going to do with it? The war for our country is not over. As we can tell from the demonstrations going on against the government Satan, the media and radicals are not going to give up. They will fight tooth and nail. We can not win this battle politically. We have to fight spiritually as well or we are fighting the enemy unarmed.
People of faith need to pray desperately now for the conversion of our nation. With the Election God has given us only 4 years. We don’t know what will happen in 2020. We don’t know how many Supreme Court justices, President Trump will get to make. it is a real possibility that justices will choose to hang on until another president takes office.
We need to pray for divine guidance for the president, pray that he make the right decisions, pray that he put aside his ego and listen to his advisors and that he pick the right advisors. We need to pray for his conversion.
We need to pray for Congress, that its members put aside their egos, their desire for publicity, to go on to higher office so that they may work for the good of this country. Pray that the parties work together.
Pray that the members of the Democratic Party turned back to their faith, that they experience God’s love and mercy. Pray by name for the conversion of those who have lost their way, the Obamas, the Clintons etc. These are people loved by God and for whom Jesus died. He desires their salvation.
Pray for the conversion of the media. Pray they stop their service of the evil one with the trash they put out.
Pray for revival in this country, that we recognize our own sinfulness and turn back to God. All of us have fallen short of God’s desire for our lives.
Again the war is not over. We desperately need to pray and pray until miracles happen.


Can Anyone Doubt God Still Does Miracles?

Yesterday, November 8, 2016 a miracle happened in this country with the election of Donald Trump as president. I call it a miracle because it is what so many Christians prayed for. Over and over again I receive emails with prayers related to this election. Christians were deeply concern about the Democratic candidates statement that deep-seated religious beliefs must be changed and turned to God praying for her defeat.
She was supported by the mainstream media and outspent her opponent about 2 to 1. Yet she lost a close election in the Electoral College. So many people told me they could not vote for Trump because of his rudeness, appeal to bigotry, divisiveness and his sophomoric treatment of women. Yet they were moved to vote for him. God had to be at work; no question about it.
If prayer can change an election so dramatically what would happen if the same Christians prayed for the conversion of this country? Would God not answer those prayers if we prayed as intensely as long as necessary.
We don’t need the mainstream media. This election proves the power of social media. We can push this idea via the Internet.
Pray in whatever way you feel most comfortable for the conversion of this nation and pass this message on. Post it as often as possible.

Are We Better Off Since Roe v. Wade?

When was the last time someone tried to scam you? When was the last time you had to worry about the possibility of someone stealing your identity? When was the last time the murder toll in a major American city was lower than the death toll for American military in war zones? We lived in a crazy time when more Americans get killed in Chicago than in Afghanistan. We have to worry about scams, identity theft and security at home. Our children have to be supervised constantly to protect them. We put up with all kinds of security measures to travel and have to worry about home grown terrorists.
Something is terribly wrong. I grew up in a time when My house was only locked at night. I never had a key and I could go to the library, shopping center, ball park, playground or into the woods without worries of my safety. Even the library was safe. You didn’t have to worry about the kinds of books I would be exposed to. I could walk to the movies and in eighth grade I walked to Sears in downtown Newark, NJ. Don’t you wish you could raise your kids in a world like that?
What happened to that safe world where we didn’t have to worry about our kids being kidnapped or shot in drive-bys or being cheated out of our life savings. What happened to not having to constantly look over our shoulders constantly? What cause that world to break down?
Could it be that you can’t throw out any of the commandments without throwing all of them out. With Roe v. Wade we threw away the commandment, thou shall not kill. Thou shall not commit adultery was deposed of and Planned Parenthood and its allies pushed the pill and the sexual revolution. A lot more than our sexual morals disappeared. All of the morals holding our society disappeared too.
Take a look at America today. Do you really like the way we have to live in fear, the constant stress and danger? Decide for yourself whether we need anyone pushing us further away from God.

Our Turn Now!

Catholics have a long history of enduring persecution. We all know about the early persecutions by the Roman empire. In Islamic states and under communism it is to be expected. But in places like Catholic Spain, France, Mexico and England it was not expected yet hundreds became martyrs in each country.
The people of revolutionary France, Mexico in the 1920’s and Spain in the 1930’s did not expect persecution. They believed it could never happen in their countries. Don’t we believe the same? Religious persecution in this country would never happen. Yet the reality is that Christians have been arrested and prosecuted for standing up for their religious beliefs. Courts have ordered Christian pregnancy centers to provide referrals for abortions. Fines have been imposed on businesses that refuse to participate in same-sex marriages. This may only be the beginning. Planned Parenthood wants us to pay for abortions.
What else they will come up with should worry you. Are you ready to stand up for your faith? Are you willing to endure persecution because it is coming. The Catholic Church is the largest denomination standing against their modern Godless agenda.

Are You Ready To Pay For Abortions?

The question that all taxpaying voters must answer this election year is whether they are willing to pay for abortions. The Democratic Platform calls for free abortions and the repeal of the Hyde Amendment that bans taxpayer funding of abortions. It is not enough that they demand the right to have an abortion the Democrats now insist that the taxpayers provide free abortions to everyone who wants one. We are not talking about cases where the life of the mother is in danger, there was rape or incest involved. No, they want you to pay for all abortions.
They don’t care about your religious beliefs or religious freedom. Hillary stated in April, 2015 to a women’s group that “deep seated religious beliefs” related to abortion have to be changed. Does that sound like a commitment to follow the First Amendment and protect religious freedom?
Ironically, Mario Cuomo and Tim Kaine among other Catholic Democratic politicians have long claimed to be personally opposed to abortion but refused to impose their religious beliefs on others. Hillary doesn’t have that problem. She is imposing her religious or atheistic values on the American people. She apparently doesn’t care about your soul. Perhaps she doesn’t believe in Hell or God.
She might not but we do. How can we face God if we vote for a candidate whose policies are so heinous? How could we justify electing someone who will force you to participate in the slaughter of countless innocent children, real babies not blobs of tissues?
It is obvious that Hillary believes that we don’t care about our faith. She thinks Christians are so pathetic that she can say and do anything and most Christians will still vote for her. Let’s prove her wrong and show that we have the guts to stand up for Christ.
Remember! A vote for Hillary is a vote to pay for Abortions. Is that what you really want?

And they Called Vietnam Vets Baby Killers!

Yesterday I prayed over a Vietnam vet dying of MLS. He didn’t want much, just time to pass on his faith to his grandchildren, time to see the boys rooted in their faith. That’s his priority and how he was raised. His faith, family, church and country were important. His country called and he answered. Most of his life he served his church. As a grand knight of the Knights of Columbus he helped to build a church and served many years as a lector and extraordinary minister. He’s also prayed outside abortion clinics.

Ironically, as a Vietnam vet he’s heard the words baby killer applied as an expletive to those who answered the call to serve in Vietnam. Funny that our brave soldiers were cursed as baby killers yet at this year’s democratic conventions women bragged about their abortions, about killing their children and received standing ovations from many of the people who were involved in protesting the Vietnam War. How far have we declined morally! How terribly we have changed!

They protested the war because too many American boys were dying, fighting for freedom. 58,000 + died in that war and maybe 2,000,000 Vietnamese. Well 58,000,000 + babies have been killed by abortionists and that is not enough. The Democratic Party wants to make it easier to have an abortion. They want you the taxpayer to pay for free abortions. Have we’ve gone crazy? Have the Democrats gone nuts?

I get sick every time I see them criticizing the Republicans and until Bill Clinton vetoed the partial birth abortion ban I was one. I voted for Clinton, McGovern, Ted Kennedy and Jesse Jackson. Except for their extreme positions on abortion I would have voted for President Obama and Hillary. I have always been liberal. I’ve spent 40 months as a volunteer in Appalachia and most of my teaching career in the inner city. I’ve taught about the Vietnam War, Black History and Women’s History. One of the courses I taught included 8 weeks on the Civil Rights Movement. John Lewis, Diane Nash and Medgar Evers were heroes to me.

Yet the Democrats sicken me. They’ve thrown away the moral high ground. How can they criticize the other party when they are pushing to kill more babies? How much lower can you go? We kill babies not fetuses not masses of tissue. These are real children with the entire DNA needed to develop into full fledged human beings. Stalin killed 20,000,000 in his programs. Hitler killed 12,000,000 in the Holocaust and we were outraged. The world was shocked and condemned both. We’ve killed 58,000,000. How dare we criticize any nation for anything they do! We kill babies and 58,000,000 isn’t enough for the Democrats! And we claim to be good Christians. How insane is that?

How dare they criticize anyone!

The World Needs the Truth

Everyday it seems as if someone is trying to redefine what it means to be Catholic. The Media and certain politicians like Pelosi, Biden and Kaine believe it is possible to be pro-abortion, for same-sex marriage, for artificial contraception, and for women priests and still be a good or traditional Catholic. All of these positions are acceptable within the Episcopal Church but the world does not need 2 Episcopal Churches. The world needs the Catholic Church to continue to stand for the truth of the Gospel.
Jesus did not say wide is the road that leads to heaven. No! Wide is the road to perdition but we are to enter the Kingdom of God through the Narrow Gate. We are not called to take the easy way. We are not called to be like the rest of the world. We can’t forget that the primary mission of the Church is to lead people to God, to help us get to Heaven. The Church does a lot of good with its hospitals, schools and various programs but it is all a waste if we fail to help people find God and make it to heaven.
We cannot abandon the truths of faith passed down over 2000 years. Our Church is not called to be in tune with the times but in tune with Jesus Christ who is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He doesn’t change in His divine character and neither does His teachings. We have to be true to the Church He established and for which the Apostles died. We also cannot forget His call to be merciful towards the downtrodden.
Over the Centuries hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions have given their lives for the gospel. People like St. Stephen, Peter and Paul, St. Lawrence, Thomas Becket, Thomas More, John Fisher and over one hundred English martyrs, Miguel Pro and Cristobal Magallanes, Maximilian Kolbe have died preserving the faith we have now. Are we to abandon the faith of St. Francis, St, Patrick, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Therese and Mother Teresa?
For what political gain, popularity or an easier life? Is that why so many were willing to die for the Catholic Faith? Yes it is a struggle to live by our faith but with God all things are possible. We are called to lead people to God not follow the crowd to perdition. We are called to be different from the world to be faithful to the God who loved us and created us and is calling us to take up our cross and follow Him.
We are not supposed to change the Church. The Church is supposed to help us change until we become more and more like Jesus.