In Defense of Pope Francis

I am sick of listening to Catholics complain about the Pope because he isn’t Pope John Paul II or Benedict XVI. Why do they think they can judge the Pope? Our Church teaches that the pope is picked by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who guides the cardinals as they vote. Do his critics really believe this? In my opinion if you don’t believe this you might as well not be Catholic. If the pope is not selected by the Spirit and guided by the Spirit, we may as well join a Protestant denomination where they vote on doctrine.
The pope is answerable to only 3 persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. His job is to do what they want not what some people want. He is guided by the Holy Spirit. He is also human, a sinner who also makes mistakes but so has every pope in history including Peter. Why do we focus on the negative? Do we really know what is going on or understand what the Spirit is doing?
I remember how many people criticize Paul VI for his teaching on artificial contraception. Most Catholics ignored it but now we are discovering the medical and societal consequences of contraception. Do you know breast cancer has increased 640% since the pill became common? Do you know how much damage was done to the environment because of the pill or how it contributed to the breakdown of families? I’m sure Paul VI had no understanding of all the consequences, but God did.
Do we understand where Francis is coming from or what God is trying to do? I see Francis emphasizing Jesus’ call to mercy. Didn’t Jesus eat with sinners and call sinners to join Him? Didn’t He say that He came for sinners not the righteous? Did He not say judge not lest you be judged, to forgive 7 x 7? Didn’t God say that He desired mercy not sacrifice? Doesn’t God want us to reach out to sinners? Didn’t Jesus die for them too? Didn’t he criticize the Pharisees for their emphasis on law rather than mercy? What do you think He wants Francis to do?
I hear a lot of criticism of Amoris Laetitia. How well do the critics understand the issue? I know people have deliberately misinterpreted it to suit their own purposes. Isn’t it true that no matter what Francis wrote they would do what they wanted anyway? Have they really thought about the issue of divorce? Jesus taught that what God has put together let no man put asunder. Has God really put all these marriages together? I doubt it. Our society has changed. People don’t wait to be married until they are sure. They certainly don’t seek God’s guidance in selecting a mate.
I know a Protestant minister who was married in the Catholic church at age 17. His bride was 16. It was a legal marriage, but I doubt if it was valid in the eyes of the church and should never have been performed by a priest. But he was in the Army. This was 1968 and it kept him out of Vietnam. His marriage failed, and he never sought an annulment because he thought it would make his 3 kids illegitimate. After he remarried he was told to leave the church. No one really investigated his circumstances and asked if annulment was possible. How many other people like him have left the Church?
I’m sure that a lot of marriages that failed were never valid in the first place. There must be a commitment to make it work, a willingness to be open to children and a commitment to be faithful among other criteria. Jesus said what God has put together let no man put asunder. Do you really think God put a woman with a man who would abuse his wife and children or someone who had no intention of being faithful?
I also heard criticism because a pro-abortion woman in the Netherlands received some award from the Vatican. That proves the pope isn’t pro-life. Some reporter claims that the Pope knows everything that goes on in the Vatican. Really? With his trip to Chile this past week and all the other things going on he will personally investigate every nominee for an award? I know this past week he came out with a strong pro-life statement.
I also heard criticism because the Pope apologized to people during his recent trip to Chile. It was stated that Jesus never apologized. I looked at the paper the same day and read that his apology was to victims of priestly abuse. I know Jesus never apologized but He also never encountered people who were abused by His priests. Think about it if you object to this apology it implies that you see nothing wrong with the abuse.
We must be cautious not to become like the Pharisees who failed to see God in their midst. We aren’t supposed to be a Church of perfect people before heaven. God calls us to reach out to all people. He died for everyone not just the righteous or the conservatives. Can we really be sure that we are so righteous? What about our attitudes of negativity, of judging people, our critical spirits? Can we be so sure that we aren’t the 5:00 workers Jesus referred to in His parable? Don’t we too often reject the Holy Spirit’s nudges?
As Pope Francis said who are we to judge? If we reject what the pope is saying and doing and publicly criticize him how are we different from Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Martin Luther or Archbishop Lefebvre? And what good does it do to criticize the pope? Can he hear your criticism? Is it God or Satan calling you to promote dissension within the Church?


For Greater Glory

A few months ago i saw on DVD the movie, For Greater Glory, starring Raul Julia. Excellent movie something every Christian especially Catholic should see. Around 1926 the President, Calles, decided the Catholic Church to be his political enemy and tried to suppress the faith. Churches were invaded and priests captured were executed on the spot. Mexico was a Catholic country, the last place you would expect this, much more Catholic than the U.S. is presently.
Think about it. If it happened in Mexico it could happen here. Look at the way this country is going. Our last president considered us to be his enemy and did every thing to oppress the Church that he could with his contraception mandate. And we let him get away with it. He was reelected with around 50% of the Catholic vote. How stupid can we be!
The Catholics in Mexico refused to sit by and do nothing. They fought back rebelling after peaceful protests failed. They with political support from the U.S. thanks to pressure from the Knights of Columbus forced Calles to give in and allow the churches to reopen and mass to be said.
We need to follow their example and fight back. Despite the change in the presidency the church is still under attack. The Little Sisters of the Poor are still being forced to pay a penalty or pay for abortion and contraception coverage. President Trump issued an executive order stopping this but the attorney generals of 5 states sued and a Federal Court threw out his order. They don’t care what the Constitution say. They don’t care about the results of the last election. They are still pushing the culture of death and immorality, still going after the faithful. The Lord help us if they actually win the next election

What Will We Say When God Asks Why We Did Nothing?

This Christmas I became involved in a discussion about how bad the world was getting. The gentleman I was talking to felt the world was going to keep changing so we might as well accept it. Accept the increased oppression of religion, the decline in morality, push for unlimited abortion, everything. Obviously I disagreed.
His attitude was you can win so why bother. No matter what you do the world is going to get worse. I felt we might slow the decline at least and save some people. I also feel that based on the Old Testament God might get fed up if we don’t repent. I also know from history that there have been periodic revivals in America.
Yet to me the best reason to fight is that someday I will have to face God. I don’t want to have to tell him that I just sat there and watched the destruction of society and did nothing that I ignored his call to fight with everything I got. To quote Trace Bailin I want to hear Him say well done. If I lose at least I will have fought and stood up for my God.

Are We Better Off Since Roe v. Wade?

When was the last time someone tried to scam you? When was the last time you had to worry about the possibility of someone stealing your identity? When was the last time the murder toll in a major American city was lower than the death toll for American military in war zones? We lived in a crazy time when more Americans get killed in Chicago than in Afghanistan. We have to worry about scams, identity theft and security at home. Our children have to be supervised constantly to protect them. We put up with all kinds of security measures to travel and have to worry about home grown terrorists.
Something is terribly wrong. I grew up in a time when My house was only locked at night. I never had a key and I could go to the library, shopping center, ball park, playground or into the woods without worries of my safety. Even the library was safe. You didn’t have to worry about the kinds of books I would be exposed to. I could walk to the movies and in eighth grade I walked to Sears in downtown Newark, NJ. Don’t you wish you could raise your kids in a world like that?
What happened to that safe world where we didn’t have to worry about our kids being kidnapped or shot in drive-bys or being cheated out of our life savings. What happened to not having to constantly look over our shoulders constantly? What cause that world to break down?
Could it be that you can’t throw out any of the commandments without throwing all of them out. With Roe v. Wade we threw away the commandment, thou shall not kill. Thou shall not commit adultery was deposed of and Planned Parenthood and its allies pushed the pill and the sexual revolution. A lot more than our sexual morals disappeared. All of the morals holding our society disappeared too.
Take a look at America today. Do you really like the way we have to live in fear, the constant stress and danger? Decide for yourself whether we need anyone pushing us further away from God.

Our Turn Now!

Catholics have a long history of enduring persecution. We all know about the early persecutions by the Roman empire. In Islamic states and under communism it is to be expected. But in places like Catholic Spain, France, Mexico and England it was not expected yet hundreds became martyrs in each country.
The people of revolutionary France, Mexico in the 1920’s and Spain in the 1930’s did not expect persecution. They believed it could never happen in their countries. Don’t we believe the same? Religious persecution in this country would never happen. Yet the reality is that Christians have been arrested and prosecuted for standing up for their religious beliefs. Courts have ordered Christian pregnancy centers to provide referrals for abortions. Fines have been imposed on businesses that refuse to participate in same-sex marriages. This may only be the beginning. Planned Parenthood wants us to pay for abortions.
What else they will come up with should worry you. Are you ready to stand up for your faith? Are you willing to endure persecution because it is coming. The Catholic Church is the largest denomination standing against their modern Godless agenda.

Is Abortion Really The Best We Can Do?

What does it say about us as a people when the only solution our politicians can come up with for women’s rights, the population crisis and global warming is to kill babies. The last I looked it was 2016, not 1973. Surely science has advanced since then.
I know in 1976 in a public college human anatomy course we learned about real scientific techniques for controlling reproduction that were more effective than artificial contraception and would have eliminated the need for abortion. Of course it would require self discipline.
What does it say about our politicians when they lack the moral character to suggest we practice self discipline? What does it say about their courage, creativity or imagination?
What does it say about their opinion of the American people? They seem to be believe that we are too weak, too controlled by our hormones to practice discipline. Basically their policies create the impression that we believe we are no better than dogs in heat.
What happened to political courage, to political genius and moral character? What happened to the belief in the American people that Roosevelt and Churchill had?
Sadly, our current politicians lack that kind of character and belief in the American people.
Let’s show these politicians what Americans are really capable of!

Does This Election Really Matter In Terms Of Abortion?

Why should Catholics vote Republican? We’ve had Republican presidents for twenty of the last thirty-six years yet Abortion is still legal and Roe v Wade is still the law of the land. What difference does it make to vote Republican? It is not like Hillary will legalize Abortion?
How many Catholics voted for Bill Clinton thinking it wouldn’t make a difference? Well it did; Congress passed a bill outlawing partial-birth abortions but Bill Clinton vetoed it. He also used federal funds to promote abortions abroad. How many children died because Bill Clinton was president?
Anyone with sense knows that Donald Trump will not ban all abortions in the U. S. But he will obey the Hyde Amendment, forbidding the use of federal funds to fund abortions. He will be able to stop the U.S. from using federal funds to promote abortions abroad. Under Trump the U.S. will not be pressuring countries to legalize abortions. He will not be pushing to make abortions free and paid for by taxpayers. Doctors and nurses will not be forced to violate their conscience and participate in abortions. Catholic hospitals will not be forced to perform abortions.
Under Trump there will be a real possibility of Congress passing a law banning abortions once a child can feel pain after twenty weeks. Late term abortions in the 9th month of pregnancy could be banned. Children born alive despite an attempt to abort could be saved rather than left to die. Millions of children would be saved from abortion and given a chance for life.
On the other hand the Democrats are pushing for free abortions. No doubt this will encourage young men to try harder since they won’t have any consequences and more young women will be used and hurt.
They are also talking about forcing doctors, nurses and hospitals to perform abortions. Religion doesn’t matter. After all Hillary believes we must change our religious beliefs. The First Amendment doesn’t matter. All that matters is for women to have the right to kill their pre-born children. We are moving towards a dictatorship and for what; unlimited sex and the unlimited killing of children!
Who knows what these children might have become. Maybe one of them will become the doctor who finally discovers the cure for cancer or some other horrible disease. And maybe we’ve already aborted the person God created with the right set of genes to develop into the scientist with the intelligence to cure cancer.
One thing is definite, with Hillary as president many more children will die.