Are We Better Off Since Roe v. Wade?

When was the last time someone tried to scam you? When was the last time you had to worry about the possibility of someone stealing your identity? When was the last time the murder toll in a major American city was lower than the death toll for American military in war zones? We lived in a crazy time when more Americans get killed in Chicago than in Afghanistan. We have to worry about scams, identity theft and security at home. Our children have to be supervised constantly to protect them. We put up with all kinds of security measures to travel and have to worry about home grown terrorists.
Something is terribly wrong. I grew up in a time when My house was only locked at night. I never had a key and I could go to the library, shopping center, ball park, playground or into the woods without worries of my safety. Even the library was safe. You didn’t have to worry about the kinds of books I would be exposed to. I could walk to the movies and in eighth grade I walked to Sears in downtown Newark, NJ. Don’t you wish you could raise your kids in a world like that?
What happened to that safe world where we didn’t have to worry about our kids being kidnapped or shot in drive-bys or being cheated out of our life savings. What happened to not having to constantly look over our shoulders constantly? What cause that world to break down?
Could it be that you can’t throw out any of the commandments without throwing all of them out. With Roe v. Wade we threw away the commandment, thou shall not kill. Thou shall not commit adultery was deposed of and Planned Parenthood and its allies pushed the pill and the sexual revolution. A lot more than our sexual morals disappeared. All of the morals holding our society disappeared too.
Take a look at America today. Do you really like the way we have to live in fear, the constant stress and danger? Decide for yourself whether we need anyone pushing us further away from God.


Our Turn Now!

Catholics have a long history of enduring persecution. We all know about the early persecutions by the Roman empire. In Islamic states and under communism it is to be expected. But in places like Catholic Spain, France, Mexico and England it was not expected yet hundreds became martyrs in each country.
The people of revolutionary France, Mexico in the 1920’s and Spain in the 1930’s did not expect persecution. They believed it could never happen in their countries. Don’t we believe the same? Religious persecution in this country would never happen. Yet the reality is that Christians have been arrested and prosecuted for standing up for their religious beliefs. Courts have ordered Christian pregnancy centers to provide referrals for abortions. Fines have been imposed on businesses that refuse to participate in same-sex marriages. This may only be the beginning. Planned Parenthood wants us to pay for abortions.
What else they will come up with should worry you. Are you ready to stand up for your faith? Are you willing to endure persecution because it is coming. The Catholic Church is the largest denomination standing against their modern Godless agenda.

Is Abortion Really The Best We Can Do?

What does it say about us as a people when the only solution our politicians can come up with for women’s rights, the population crisis and global warming is to kill babies. The last I looked it was 2016, not 1973. Surely science has advanced since then.
I know in 1976 in a public college human anatomy course we learned about real scientific techniques for controlling reproduction that were more effective than artificial contraception and would have eliminated the need for abortion. Of course it would require self discipline.
What does it say about our politicians when they lack the moral character to suggest we practice self discipline? What does it say about their courage, creativity or imagination?
What does it say about their opinion of the American people? They seem to be believe that we are too weak, too controlled by our hormones to practice discipline. Basically their policies create the impression that we believe we are no better than dogs in heat.
What happened to political courage, to political genius and moral character? What happened to the belief in the American people that Roosevelt and Churchill had?
Sadly, our current politicians lack that kind of character and belief in the American people.
Let’s show these politicians what Americans are really capable of!

Does This Election Really Matter In Terms Of Abortion?

Why should Catholics vote Republican? We’ve had Republican presidents for twenty of the last thirty-six years yet Abortion is still legal and Roe v Wade is still the law of the land. What difference does it make to vote Republican? It is not like Hillary will legalize Abortion?
How many Catholics voted for Bill Clinton thinking it wouldn’t make a difference? Well it did; Congress passed a bill outlawing partial-birth abortions but Bill Clinton vetoed it. He also used federal funds to promote abortions abroad. How many children died because Bill Clinton was president?
Anyone with sense knows that Donald Trump will not ban all abortions in the U. S. But he will obey the Hyde Amendment, forbidding the use of federal funds to fund abortions. He will be able to stop the U.S. from using federal funds to promote abortions abroad. Under Trump the U.S. will not be pressuring countries to legalize abortions. He will not be pushing to make abortions free and paid for by taxpayers. Doctors and nurses will not be forced to violate their conscience and participate in abortions. Catholic hospitals will not be forced to perform abortions.
Under Trump there will be a real possibility of Congress passing a law banning abortions once a child can feel pain after twenty weeks. Late term abortions in the 9th month of pregnancy could be banned. Children born alive despite an attempt to abort could be saved rather than left to die. Millions of children would be saved from abortion and given a chance for life.
On the other hand the Democrats are pushing for free abortions. No doubt this will encourage young men to try harder since they won’t have any consequences and more young women will be used and hurt.
They are also talking about forcing doctors, nurses and hospitals to perform abortions. Religion doesn’t matter. After all Hillary believes we must change our religious beliefs. The First Amendment doesn’t matter. All that matters is for women to have the right to kill their pre-born children. We are moving towards a dictatorship and for what; unlimited sex and the unlimited killing of children!
Who knows what these children might have become. Maybe one of them will become the doctor who finally discovers the cure for cancer or some other horrible disease. And maybe we’ve already aborted the person God created with the right set of genes to develop into the scientist with the intelligence to cure cancer.
One thing is definite, with Hillary as president many more children will die.

Who Should Catholics Support In 2016?

Alleluia, the conventions are over: now we only have 90+ days of torture left before this abomination of an election is finally over. Can you think of 2 less desirable candidates? Their arrogance and viciousness alone disqualifies them in terms of character. Yet barring divine intervention we are stuck with them and this election could have a devastating impact on the Catholic Church in America.
I wish I could vote for Hillary. I taught for 20 years in an all girls school and would love to vote for the first woman president but I can’t vote for Hillary and remain true to my Catholic faith. You see Hillary doesn’t believe in the 1st Amendment and religious freedom. Read what she said in a speech in April of 2015 to abortion supporters. “Yes, we’ve cut the maternal mortality rate in half but far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth. All the laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed [applause] As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their societies is the great unfinished business of the 21st century, and not just for women, but for everyone — and not just in far away countries but right here in the United States.” She was speaking about Abortion but her party also disagrees with the Church on traditional marriage and contraception. She was part of an administration that tried to force religious institutions to pay for contraception and abortions. Her election would mean the death of religious freedom in this country and possibly the whole Constitution.
The Democrats have sued the Little Sisters of the Poor in order to force them to pay for contraception. This despite the fact that they are a religious order and part of a Church that believes contraception to be immoral and sinful to support. They really don’t care about the Free Exercise Clause of the 1st Amendment which guarantees freedom of religion. In fact their platform calls for the repeal of the Platt Amendment which prohibits federal funding of Abortion and also calls for Abortions to be free. They want to force Catholic doctors, nurses and hospitals to perform abortions and make Catholic schools, colleges and other institutions to provide contraception coverage. It doesn’t matter what our faith teaches, what we believe or what the Pope says. They think they are more important than God.
Yes, the Democrats have nominated a so-called Catholic for vice-president but what good is he if he doesn’t stand up for his faith, if he sells out for political gain. He is no better than those Catholic politicians who abandoned their faith and supported Henry VIII. He is certainly no Thomas More who died rather than endorse Henry’s divorce and the Church of England. In reality politically his beliefs are much closer to the Episcopal Church than the Catholic Church, in fact closer to the liberal side of the Episcopal Church.
One thing for sure another Clinton administration will not slow the moral and political decline of America and probably will hasten both. The reality is we have become a great nation not because of our politicians, more likely despite our politicians. This nation has become a great nation because God has blessed us.
Are we a nation worthy of God’s blessing? Will Hillary make us such a nation? Does she even know how desperately we need God’s blessing?
As for Trump the best thing that can be said about him is that he is unlikely to persecute the Catholic Church or any other churches. So we face 3 choices, deny our faith, hold our nose and vote for Trump or skip the presidential race and pray.
If your faith is important to you, if you believe in religious freedom. if you believe the government should not force people of faith to violate their religious beliefs you can not vote for Hillary.

Senator Kaine, Please Don’t Call Yourself A Good Catholic!

How can you claim to be a traditional Catholic yet contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church. You may argue that you only disagree with the Church on one issue so you are still a “good Catholic”. By that argument Henry VIII was a good Catholic. He only disagreed with the Church on the issue of his divorce from Catherine of Aragon.
You can’t call yourself a good Muslim if you reject one of the pillars of Islam. If you disagree with the teaching of the Sunni branch of Islam you might join the Shiite branch or another branch but you wouldn’t claim to be a cafeteria Sunni. If you disagreed with the Southern Baptists you might join another branch of Baptists or another denomination but you wouldn’t call yourself a cafeteria Baptist. How can you claim to be a traditional Catholic when your beliefs are actually closer to one of the Protestant Churches?
In Matthew 18:6 Jesus said” But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better if a millstone was hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” This scripture makes this an extremely serious issue. How can parents and teachers teach children to obey their faith when the children see a senator running for vice-president claiming he doesn’t have to listen to the Church. Kids are sharp nowadays. They may not follow all of the news and understand all of the economics but they know the vice-president claims to be a good Catholic but doesn’t agree with the Pope and bishops.
They are sure to question. If Maria Shriver can pick which commandments and teachings she believes in why can’t I? If Joe Biden can pick and choose why can’t I? If Nancy Pelosi can refuse to listen to the bishops why do I have to listen to a priest? Why should I obey the Sixth Commandment? Why should I follow the Church’s teaching on sex and marriage? Why should any child feel he has to listen to the Church’s teachings when so many of our leaders say you don’t have to?
Democrats seem to believe that we can choose what we believe in, that we can make up our own mind regardless of the teaching of the Church and stay in the Church? My question is why would you stay in a Church you disagree with? Haven’t you heard of the Protestant Reformation? The leaders of the Reformation disagreed with the teachings of the Church but they didn’t stay in the Church and claim to be cafeteria Catholics they went out of the Church and started their own denominations. The process is still going on. People get new ideas and disagree with the church of their birth so they leave that church and either join or start another. That is why there are so many different denominations.
It seems that people have mixed up the Church with a political party. I can join either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party and disagree with many of its positions. If enough people join the party with a certain belief that party will change its position. That is obvious looking at the history of the two parties. The Democratic Party was at one time the party to which slaveholders belonged and it was the Republican Party responsible for freeing the slaves. Now the parties are very different.
It is good for a political party to change with the times and people’s opinions but the Church is radically different. It has only one person to please, God. It is called to be faithful to the teachings of Jesus and to lead people to God. Jesus didn’t tell the Apostles to take a poll to see what people thought. He told them to preach the Gospel and part of that Gospel says in Matthew 7:14 “narrow is the way that leads to life.” What the majority of people think isn’t going to get people to heaven which is the primary role of the Church.
It doesn’t matter what people think; the Ten Commandments are still the Ten Commandments; the Bible is still the word of God. God’s opinion on what is right or wrong hasn’t changed only what we want to hear. The Church has preached the same message for two thousand years and will continue to preach the same message. We haven’t always heard that message.
The Church is guided by the Holy Spirit not the polls or elections. The Church is created to serve God and lead people to God. The Church has to speak out for the helpless. The Church has to speak out against sin and falsehood. Throughout its history there have been those who felt and claimed they knew better than the Church. The result has been heresies, schisms and the formation of new denominations.
The Church cannot change the truth to fit the times. It is to proclaim the truth in every generation come what may. It may be rejected or persecuted but that is nothing new. Every century has had its martyrs. We are called to stand for the truth and risk all if necessary. There are far worse things than being out of office. Look at what happened to St. Thomas More, the patron saint of politicians.
Being Catholic has never meant changing the truth to fit in. It has never meant that we let the world change us. Rather we are called to change the world by our example and courage.

Will We Be Able To Celebrate Our Religious Freedom Next Year?

This Independence Day weekend I heard a couple of sermons talking about celebrating our freedoms, especially our freedom of religion. As I listened I thought about the future and wondered whether we would have religious freedom next year or ten years from now.
This election is vital to the future of Christianity in this country. The biggest issue before us is whether or not we will have religious freedom. These past 8 years persecution of Christians has begun. Are we going to elect someone who will continue to move in that direction or move back to a government that protects the freedom of religion established by the First Amendment?
We need to take a good look at Hillary and her statements. Speaking about abortion, Hilary said “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” Yes, she said religious beliefs have to be changed. She has decided that she will define what it means to be a Christian, what we can believe and what beliefs have to be changed.
Should we give Hillary the power to decide what it means to be a Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Anglican, Presbyterian, Catholic, Pentecostal, Evangelical, or Orthodox? Are we going to allow her to create a Church of America, the same way Henry VIII created the Church of England?
Is that why the Pilgrims left England, the Quakers founded Pennsylvania and Catholics started Maryland? Is this the reason our founding fathers wrote the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion and separation of Church and State? Is this why so many Christians gave their lives fighting Hitler during World War II? Is this why we fought in Korea and Vietnam? Is this the freedom we stood for during the Cold War?
Should we allow Hillary to dictate what we should believe? Should we give her the power to impose her will on the American people? Should we give up so easily the rights so many Americans have given their lives to defend? Should we dishonor their sacrifices? Were their deaths and service in vain?


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