Remember Maccabees!

There is one thought that keeps running through my mind as I pray for this country. Remember the books of Maccabees in the Old Testament. What an awesome witness for our times and all Catholic politicians. Written about 100 B.C.; it tells the story of the Jewish response to the King Antiochus’ attempt to impose a superior way of life on the Jewish people and suppress their old-fashioned religious practices. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Don’t we have politicians attempting exactly that with their attempts to impose contraception and abortion on religious people? Haven’t we had a presidential candidate declare that deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed?
In 2nd Maccabees there is a profoundly relevant story about the elder, Eleazar. Offered his life if he would pretend to eat pork he refused and was put to death. He did not want to live longer if it meant that he would influence others to do what they believed to be morally wrong. What a lesson for many Catholic politicians. He gave his life over the eating of pork while far too many Catholic politicians condone the slaughter of millions through Abortion.
We have to remember not only Eleazar but others died rather than compromise their religious beliefs. And not all died meekly. Judas Maccabeus led the Jewish people in a successful rebellion. We too need to take a stand and resist all attempts to impose a false religion upon us, all attempts to make us compromise our faith.
Pray! Pray for another Judas Maccabeus to lead us against those attempting to impose their perverted vision of a new world upon us. Reject completely those false Catholics, traitors to the Catholic faith, who support such Hogwash! Remember how real people of faith respond to attempts by the government to impose a false superior religion on them. They refuse to accept it like Eleazar, like the Maccabees did, not like our current Catholic in name only politicians.


Don’t We Believe In The Holy Spirit?

One of the most unpopular decisions any pope has ever made was the decision of Paul VI to forbid artificial contraception. I have the feeling that he may not have totally understood his decision but the Holy Spirit knew what He was doing.
When you look some 40 or 50 years later you see the consequences of ignoring his teaching. Breast Cancer has increased over 600 % and many oncologists believe the Pill is involved. Marriage has basically disintegrated.
Most people don’t realize it but there was an alternative. Natural Family Planning. I first learned of it in a Human Anatomy Course at Union College, a public college in 1977. It utilizes the same techniques that doctors used in fertility clinics only they are used to avoid conception rather than facilitate it. It requires discipline, communication and collaboration between a couple. According to my professor it was as effective as the Pill without negative side effects. There were positive side effects of the work and collaboration needed. Natural Family Planning marriages have a success rate of over 90% far better than other marriages.
Maybe the pope didn’t know what he was doing but the Holy Spirit who guides the pope did.

What Happened To Freedom In This Country?

Last week I read that the ACLU was suing a Catholic hospital in order to force it to perform abortions.
Today the Little Sisters of the Poor are arguing before the Supreme Court for their right not to pay for contraceptives. What happened to freedom in this country when our government attempts to force us to perform what we believe are heinous sins?
Is this the freedom we fought for at Lexington, Saratoga, or Yorktown? Is this the freedom that Washington, Daniel Morgan and others suffered so greatly for? Is this the freedom that so many died for at Valley Forge? All through our history men and women have sacrificed greatly in order to protect the freedom of the American people at places like Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, the Argonne, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Pusan, Chosen, Danang, Khe Sanh, Mosul. Almost every generation has been called to lay down their lives to defend American freedom.
Our religious freedom is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, the first not the last amendment. It was so important to our forefathers they placed it first and states refused to ratify the Constitution until Madison promised a Bill of Rights. Yet there are those in our country who wish to take away that freedom to force their choices on us. Is this why my father fought for with his brothers in World War II. Is that why Senator Webb fought in Vietnam so that liberals could force abortion on people?
We hear a lot about choice but what about our right to choose? Choice goes both ways. If you have a right to choose abortion than I have a right to refuse to participate in any way shape or form. We hear that the government has no place in women’s bedrooms. Well doesn’t that include paying for abortion or contraceptives? Shouldn’t the government stay completely out of the bedroom?
If we are going to argue that women have the right to choose shouldn’t we support laws that create requirements that will allow women to make the best choice? Shouldn’t they be informed of all their options? Shouldn’t they see an ultrasound? What is wrong with waiting periods?
Is it really about choice or money?
We need to remember what our forefathers fought for and not allow radicals to destroy our freedom.

Are You Sick of Planned Parenthood Yet?

Have you heard that Planned Parenthood was caught selling body parts from aborted fetuses for research? Probably not since the main stream media ignored it but it is true. Ten undercover videos are available on the Internet.
Do you know that Planned Parenthood is fighting all attempts to ban abortion when the child is capable of feeling pain? They want the right to perform abortions at every stage of pregnancy?
They also oppose every attempt to regulate the safety of their clinics and attempts to protect children born alive despite abortions.
Are you aware that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in this country and that they are willing to abort children if they are the wrong sex or have Downs. Your reason for an abortion doesn’t matter as long as they get paid.
Why should you care? Who do you think is paying for Planned Parenthood? You the American taxpayer! A very large part of their income comes from the American taxpayer.
Why do they get away with this? A couple of reasons! The mass media is virtually silent and the American people don’t say anything. Year after year there have been life chains on the first Sunday of October and hundreds of people take an hour to take a stand at various locations across the country;( hundreds when there should be thousands.
If you are sick of fully developed babies being ripped apart, if you think it is outrageous to sell body parts or kill babies born alive in failed abortions take a stand. If you believe that states should regulate abortion clinics to protect the women going there take a stand. If you think it is wrong to take your tax money and use it to kill babies both here and abroad take a stand this Sunday.
You can be late to watch the Panthers, Giants or whoever. No game is that important! These atrocities will not stop unless we do something. Come Sunday, October 4, 2015 and take a stand. Somewhere there is a life chain near you. Bring a lawn chair if you have to but come. Let the media, politicians and America know that you are sick of the garbage going on.

Thus says God

“Thus says God, “Why do you transgress the commandments of the
Lord so that you can not prosper?” (2 Chronicles 24:20) Interesting question, isn’t it? I bet most of us didn’t know that was in the Bible. Is there another wonder this country is in the shape it is?
How can we expect God to bless this nation if we throw His commandments back in His face? We’ve redefined the family. We’ve assumed the power of God in deciding life or death by aborting our children. We act as if we’re God. Too often we hear people say they don’t need our God.
Take a good look, how well have we done on our own power? Look at the mess in Iraq. We can’t stop Isis. Iraq is worse off than it was before we got there. Terrorism is still a threat to this country. Our cities aren’t safe and crime has spread to the countryside. Frankly our economy stinks. Our country is sinking under debt. Our government is incompetent.
Hasn’t the events of this century proven how much we need God’s protection, how incapable we are of taking care of ourselves. How many disasters have there been? How much damage to this country has been caused by natural disasters? How many senseless shootings have there been in the past 15 years? How many school shootings? There have been weekends when the number of dead and wounded in our cities was greater than in Afghanistan. Shouldn‘t we be worried about that?
How many people are hurting because of the economy? How many people can’t afford to retire? How many college educated people can’t find decent full-time work? How many people have lost their homes? But we don’t need God, right?
We need to take a good look at our sins, not just the ones most people are upset about, gay marriage or abortion but also greed, exploitation, prejudice to name a few. Have we really followed the commandment to love God above all else or to love our neighbor as ourself?

The Real Hope of Conservative America

Do you know the one thing conservatives won’t do to say America? Pray! For some reason we don’t pray seriously for our country. Many Catholic websites did everything to oppose the president’s re-election but failed to call for a prayer campaign. Articles and emails about the desperate need to pray for the conversion of America don’t get posted or forwarded it. In most parishes you’re lucky if a dozen people pray the rosary together before or after mass.
What’s up with that? Why aren’t we praying for our country? Can we not see the sad shape our country is in; the rampant immorality, the political gridlock, the sad state of our economy? Has there ever been a time when our country was in such a desperate need of prayer? Do we no longer believe in the power of God or His love? Do we no longer believe in the power of prayer?
We seem to prefer to spend our time complaining about how bad things are, how immoral TV and society is. We send negative emails and sign petitions. We support politicians who take us for granted and care more about winning elections than doing the right thing. What good has that done? Why don’t we use our greatest weapon, prayer especially the rosary.
We can not defeat Satan using political weapons which belong to him. He loves our negative emails and petitions, our refusal to compromise and he loves the politicians who appeal to our worst instinct. What He hates is when we pray, especially the mass and rosary.
We really don’t understand how powerful the rosary is. It is the weapon by which Satan will be defeated. It has already been instrumental in the defeat of an extremely powerful Muslim fleet at Lepanto, saving Europe from conquest. It played a role in the Soviet retreat from Austria without bloodshed. Sister Lucia claimed it was responsible for preventing a nuclear war in the 1980’s. No doubt it was involved in the collapse of the Soviet Union. At Hiroshima and Nagasaki it proved more powerful than the atomic bombs.
Why have we abandoned it? Why is it that only a handful of people join together to say it at mass? Why do we ignore the public rosary campaigns? Why out of thousands do so few say the rosary? Are we really that happy with the world as it is? Are we like the liberals who don’t want to follow God’s ways, who want to do what they want?
All of the arguments, negative emails, political strategies and tactics will not change America. The proof is in the White House. The only way we can change the world and our country is by prayer, serious prayer.

Our Answer to the World

Did you hear it this weekend at mass in the first reading Acts 5:29, Peter’s answer to all those in the modern world who want the Church to change to be more in tune with the times. “We must obey God rather than men.” Can it be any clearer?
Our purpose is to please God not ourselves. The Church is supposed to obey the Holy Spirit not the laws of misguided governments, current fads or the demands of a society that has forgotten God. It doesn’t matter what society demands only God’s will.
As a society we have forgotten Heaven and Hell. Too many think this is all there is to life, what we have here. They want to create heaven on earth but instead by making greed a virtue and promoting selfishness they have created a living hell. Take a good look at society. Is it really any better? Poverty, crime, abuse, murder, drugs, broken families, child abandonment, abortion, war, terrorism and prejudice still run rampant in our society. All of this can be connected to our failure to follow God.
We argue over God control, we talk about Newtown, Connecticut. But will these things change if we continue to ignore God. Will things not just get worse?
A presidential candidate once asked whether we were better off than we were 4 years ago. My question is whether our society is better off than we were 50 years ago when we started to kick God out of society by making public prayer in schools illegal?
No matter what laws the government passes, no matter what people demonstrate for or demand one thing will not change. Heaven and Hell still exist. When we die we will face God and all of the societal laws and demands won’t matter only His laws and His mercy. We need to remember that.
We should be happy that we are part of a Church that remains true to God’s laws, a church that cares more about whether we get to heaven rather than society’s laws, a Church willing to be persecuted for the truth. We need to support our Church with our prayers, opinions and votes.
If things continue as they are we will be persecuted but remember Acts 5:41 the apostles rejoiced because they had been counted worthy of persecution. Will you be worthy?